Weekend and Wendy update.

Hey all, Rebecca here.

I am the postie today (if you call it that) as Steve has the man flu.

On the Saturday Steve headed to the Isle of Wight’s BHS with the Beating Bowel Cancer calendars. They made Steve feel very welcome and managed to sell loads in raising money for the charity.


Here are some photos of the day:

While this was going on our family friend Nicky Jones came over to help my nan with the patient haha (I was in London). Thankyou very much Nicky it was really appreciated!

So the update on my mum (Wendy), she is still recovering from the chest infection and has been taking the amoxycillin to help this. Today she has started to drink a protein drink called Ensure Plus chocolate and strawberry flavours yum yum! It’s great that she likes them and we can finally see her getting the needed vitamins.
At the moment she just needs to relax and rest as much as she can so she can fight the chest infection. The nurses are due tomorrow to do the blood tests and a general health check.

Last night, a reader of the blog a lady named Sue dropped by our house to deliver some food for my mum which was really generous of her, so thankyou Sue very thoughtful of you! 🙂

Also, a BIG BIG BIG THANKYOU to everyone who has continued to read the blog. It’s lovely to know there are a lot of people supporting the family and my mum in their own ways. I know it’s been a bit slow recently but hopefully things will get back to normal and I’m sure mum can’t wait to start it up again!
A big thankyou to those who have also brought our calenders, all the money given goes to raising money for Beating Bowel Cancer is amazing! We have raised £6,689.00 that is amazing!! It’s all down to your generousity and support!

Rebecca xx


24 thoughts on “Weekend and Wendy update.”

  1. Well done Rebecca and thank you for the update….give your mum our love and tell her she is always in our thoughts as are you all…Fantastic amount raised for beating bowel cancer and well done to Steve for having to make the trip to the Isle of Wight without your mum which i can imagine she was gutted….your mum and nan were telling me how proud they are of you on our last visit…keep up the good work sending lots of love to you all xxxx xxx

  2. Eric has been having Ensure Plus and is coming on daily! I hope your family soon feel the joy I have been having with my Eric back again! Be strong Wendy! There is so much love in your family …

  3. Aw huge Thanks Rebecca for the update, very much appreciated x
    Poor Steve, Man Flu 🙁 get well soon Mr Wonderful.
    Tell your beautiful mom to keep up the good work of getting recovered from her chest infection xxxx
    we are all happy getting whatever updates that come our way and are grateful that you & Steve always find the time to do it xxx
    Know I send my Prayers, candles & Hugs daily & wish for Daisy Days to return soon xxx

  4. Thanks so much for the update, Rebecca. Glad to know Steve is back but tell him to keep the man flu away from Mum! She doesn’t need that as well :-(. Hope he’s better soon. Nearly £7000, WOW!, that’s wonderful news. Lots of love to you all. Xxxxxx

  5. A relief to hear some news and to know that Wendy’s on the mend.
    And well done Steve for the trek to the Isle of wight to continue the fund raising. All good stuff! x
    Big hugs to you all. Xxx

  6. thanks for the update Rebecca we’ll take any info so thanks for finding time to post.
    sorry mr wonderful has been struck down by man flu must be that sea air. fantastic amount raised so far with the calendars.
    Hope wendy starts to feel better soon.
    thinking of you all everyday

  7. Hi Rebecca thank you so much for updating us it is very kind of you. I’m please your mum is recovering from her chest infection and she is having protein drinks. I hope the blood test is ok tomorrow and the nurses are pleased with her progress. Please let your mum know I am thinking of her. Also please tell Steve that I hope he feels better soon. Finally say hello to your nan for me and Rebecca please remember to look after yourself and remember to take some time out you are doing an amazing job. Sending you all my love and hugs XXX

  8. Hi Rebecca. Great news about the money raised. I really enjoyed spending time with you all at the weekend. I’m so pleased that Wendy has managed some of the protein drinks. Let’s hope she starts to get stronger after all the infections. Loads of love to you all. Xxx

  9. Well done darling you’re one in a million grand daughter and we love you very much and Richard all our love papou and yiayia say hi to your mum x

  10. Hi Rebecca thanks for the news on your mum lets hope the blood test come back all good and the protein drinks help build your mum up a bit.
    You must all be thrilled with the amount of money raised so far and yes alot of us have donated but this wouldn’t have happened without your family input and hard work, so well done one and all.
    Think of you all everyday. X

  11. can’t believe how much has been raised to date from the calendars. Wendy you should be so proud, It’s all come from your hard work and the sense of purpose that drives you, a big thank you to your lovely Steve, he has been and still is your rock.
    Hope that your feeling a lot better and well done.
    thinking about you and the family, can’t believe what you are all going through. xxxx

  12. So glad that your mom is resting up, thanks for the update Rebecca, so you’ve got 2 poorly people to look after now, good luck, give them both a hug from me and a tap on the back for you and your nan, xxxxxxxxx

  13. So nice of you to keep us informed Rebecca,don’t like to contact you direct.Hope Wendy manages to fight off her chest infection and avoids the “man flu”I expect you are all a bit worn out with everything going on but glad Steve Managed to deliver the Calendars so sorry Wendy had to miss the trip.Give her all my love from Ex ex ex Boss.

  14. Thanks for the update Rebecca. Great to see Steve at the weekend and I wish him a speedy recovery.
    Great photos of the IOW launch, lovely to be involved and a huge thank you to everyone who gave donations, bought pins and calendars.
    Love and best wishes to Wendy, hoping the antibiotics are starting to kick in and clear up the chest infection.
    Great total :o)
    Thinking of you all xx

  15. I always read the blog in bed but last night I was struggling to keep my eyes open (don’t worry Rebecca it wasn’t that your postie wasn’t exciting enough, I was just running on empty) so I just wanted to say I think the amount of money you have raised is incredible. A lot of people are going to benefit from that and I think what you all do for others is wonderful. xxx

  16. thanks so much for the update Rebecca – your mum’s blogging skills have rubbed off on you! 🙂

    The photos look fantastic and it was so brilliant of Steve to make the trip. Your mum is in my thoughts daily, it’s incredible what she and Steve (and you!) have achieved so thank you. It really means a lot x

  17. Hi Rebecca

    I am helping Beating Bowel Cancer tomorrow selling the brilliant calendars at the High Wycombe BHS. I have just done some research on your amazing mum and I’m sorry to hear that she is back in SM. I spent 4 months in there nearly 5 years ago with a recurrence of bowel cancer; the staff, as you already know, are fabulous but home is much nicer, so I hope she is out again very soon. Please could you pass on my best wishes to her and tell her that I will do my best to sell as many calendars as possible and to raise awareness of this illness. Thankyou – Lu 🙂

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