Wendy Update

So on Wednesday night, Wendy discharged herself from Stoke Mandeville. They had done a CT scan which did not appear to show any spread of cancer to her liver, which we were obviously very glad to hear. Also she appears to have beaten the blood infection (sepsis) that she had had.
On the downside, she has a nasty chest infection and is feeling very weak. She is taking amoxycillin for this, but it is expected to take several days to work. She will have new blood tests on Tuesday, and in the meantime the plan is to rest up at home.
Readers who have been concentrating will know that she was planning to be on the Isle of Wight at the weekend, but she simply isn’t well enough to travel.
As I know Isle Of Wight store have been great supporters of Wendy and Beating Bowel Cancer, I plan to make the journey by myself tomorrow and turn up with the calendars. Secret Biscuit Agent will also be there. The planned launch time is 3pm and the local press will also be there. Only 200 calendars will be available – so make sure you don’t miss out.


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  1. I’m so sorry the hear that Wendy isn’t well enough to come to the Island (rest up Wendy and get better soon). We will welcome you with open arms when you get to our store tomorrow Steve and will support you 100% to sell as many calendars as we can we’ll do Wendy proud ❤️

  2. Oh Wendy hope your feeling a little better bless ya i really dont know how much more you can take……gutted your not going to make the Isle of Wight as i know you were really looking forward to it…good luck on your journey there Steve and hope all goes well with the calenders…thinking of you all lots of love xxx

  3. Hi Wendy I’m so so sorry to hear you are not well enough to go to the Isle of Wight as I know how much you wanted to go but your health comes first everyone will understand. I’m sending you lots of love and extra hugs as I know you will be upset. XXXXXXXXXX

  4. Well done Wendy! You’re becoming an escape artist! SMH will soon have you down as One To Watch, lol. Really sorry to hear you’re not up to the Isle of Wight trip but best to take life easy. Good to know that the sepsis has gone. Keep warm. Now the colder weather is here, Tia may become The Grateful Rescue Cat and sit on you. (They always seem to pick the sore bits to knead with their paws, have you noticed?!). Love from us both xxxxxxxxx

  5. Wendy Guy you are a little minx, escaping from hospital honestly you are a wee rebel with a cause<3
    Thank the Good Lord your liver has not been infected and you've got the all clear from the sepsis <3
    As always, I am amazed and blown away with your strength of character to keep jumping these hurdles.
    It's like your doing a fecking triathlon and you will get to pass the finish line because I know you'll never give in 🙂 it's just heartbreaking what you have to do to get there 🙁
    Get over this chest infection asap I Miss our wee catch ups & chats xxx

    That's admirable Steve, continuing on the IOW Journey on your own & I understand how important it is for Wendy & you to do this because for Wendy it's to get the right message out there to us all & to raise as much money as possible for this cause. Both Admirable & Selfless <3
    Get selling those calendars young man, they will all be gone in the afternoon I'm sure.
    Our lovely Sue & BHS Team on the IOW will welcome you with open arms and do you & Wendy proud xxx

    Sending you all, my love with a big slobbery kiss attached for Wendy xxx

  6. Concentrate I’m getting better.. Mr wonderful will have everything in hand. (He’s becoming a mini celebrity…bless him.)
    Get yourself strong so that you can start your next round of chemo.
    Sending love xx

  7. So glad Wendy is home good news about the scan shit news about the chest infection rest up Wendy. so sorry you can’t travel to the Isle of Wight this time. Mr wonderful will do an awesome job on your behalf.
    Thinking of you all every day
    Debs xx

  8. Get well soon Wendy and I’m sure the calendars will sell out x I love mine … Especially the police!!! Very good art lol xx
    Love and hugs xxxx

  9. Hi Steve, I’m an old school friend of Wendy’s. I now live in Lymington. If you’re going over to the island tomorrow from Lymington and need somewhere to stay, you’re welcome to stay with us. Just shout and I’ll let you have our number xxxx

  10. You could give Houdini a run for his money Wendy. Sorry to hear you have a chest infection, but glad scan and sepsis are all good.
    Also sorry your not well enough for IOW trip but let’s get you well enough for chemo.
    Go get em Steve, your calendars are wicked bought mine on Thursday and will hang it with pride.
    Sending love to you all. X

  11. Flaming Nora, where did you find that husband of yours Wendy? Isle of Wight road trip? I can’t even get mine to put the milk bottles out xxx Get Well Soon xxx

  12. Thank you Steve for the update on Wendy. Its wonderful news that she is home. Hopefully this nasty chest infection will clear up quickly so that she can start to feel a bit better! Please know that you, she, mom, Rebecca and Richard are in my thoughts daily.

  13. oh no, thought you were with steve on the ferry and said have a good time. I did not think you would be able to make it but never mind, get yourself feeling better and you can plan a break for later on, something to look forward to. I can see that the calendars are doing well. your in this state and still thinking of others. thinking about you and the family. xxxxx

  14. Hi Wendy,just want to send you loads of love and hugs,hope you soon start to feel a little better,kick it’s butt girl. Much love ,Jan. Xxxx

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