Quick update from Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Rebecca here with a quick update from Mum, who is still in Stoke Mandeville Hospital. I am writing it for her as she tells me what to write.

She is getting stronger everyday. If this continues, mum may be allowed home if medically possible.

I’m sure when mum is home and settled she will continue with her much loved blog and connection to you all.
Mum knows you are all thinking of her, but she still needs some space for a few more days. She appreciates the messages from you all.


Rebecca xxx

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Married to Steve, I have two children - Rebecca and Richard. Steve has two children, Lauren and Chris. Rebecca lives with us (nurse Rebecca) and my mom Judy also has become nurse and housekeeper but lives in the West Midlands. My son is in the Army and comes home when he can. I am 47, born in 1967 and I was told I had bowel cancer on 22nd Feb 2015 and this blog is my journey through it. I hope it helps you as you were the reason I started it.

21 thoughts on “Quick update from Stoke Mandeville Hospital”

  1. We are not just thinking of her Rebecca we also think about you all and the wonderful family Wendy has. Thanks for letting us know. Xxx fingers crossed that she will be home soon. Xxx

  2. Thanks for the update Rebecca. Take it easy and rest up Wendy, we will all be here when you get back on your feet to welcome you back. Sending love n hugs to you all. Take care of each other x x x

  3. Hi Rebecca thank you so much for taking the time to give us an update. I am sending you a big hug x
    Wendy I’m so pleased that you are getting a little stronger each day I’m praying that continues. I am keeping you and all your family in my thoughts and prayers sending you loads of love and hugs XXX

  4. Thanks Rebecca for keeping us updated about your mom, glad she is getting stronger every day, give her my love and a big hug, xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Ah my heart is filled with sadness that times are so difficult for you Wendy I hope they find a way to get you home soon with your family back to picking those precious Daisy’s I just wish we could do more take all the time you need love & Juddy hugs to all xxxx

  6. Thanks for taking time to give us a quick update Rebecca
    Hoping Wendy is home soon with her special things. There’s daisys that need picking.
    Thinking of your amazing family everyday
    debs xxx

  7. Just a little note to let you know I am thinking of you & hope you don’t feel overwhelmed with the messages & kind thoughts I’m sending your way xx
    Thank You Rebecca – what a lovely girl you are x

  8. Thanks so much for the update, Rebecca. We’ve been thinking of you all and sending our prayers for the whole family. There’s no such thing as one member of a family suffering from a serious illness, the whole family suffers in their own ways. Lots of love to you all and I’m glad she’s not discharged herself this time though it sounds as if she’s recovering if she’s bossing you around to do this blog! Love to every one of you. Xxxxxx

  9. Thanks for the update Rebecca hope your mum continues with her recovery and can go home soon so she can be with you all….thinking of you and sending lots of love xxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Thoughts and prayers Wendy and all your Family. Get well soon and please God you will be home in time for Xmas. xx

  11. Thank you for the update. I’ve only recently discovered this blog and have spent a good while reading it through from the beginning. You are an amazing family (I sort-of knew that already, actually!) and you are all very much in my thoughts. My “Bustin Bums” calendar is proudly hanging on the wall in my kitchen. I hope very much that Wendy can be spared from pain and that she will very soon return home to be with her loving family and friends.

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