Finally at home!

Evenin’ all!
Rebecca here again!

So, it’s been a stressful couple of days for all of us but I thought I’d update the blog.

So mum returned home on Tuesday, which is great because that is where she wants to be. We are happy to have her finally home. It’s funny to know that her love of the McDonalds Mocha Frappe hasn’t disappeared she still asks for them!! Richard and his friend Tom helped put mums part of the bed downstairs in the dining room where she can have a lovely view of the outdoors in the daytime and peace and quiet for when she needs to sleep. So thank you boys for helping with that much appreciated!!

At the moment mum is still very tired and weak due to the medication she has to take and from the spread of the cancer. But knowing she gives us a smile here and then tells us she is happy to be at home and in our company :).
Also she can watch I’m a Celeb and Strictly on the TV instead of the laptop woohoo!

Today we had Rita, Amanda and Janine come over to visit mum I’m sure she enjoyed seeing your lovely faces! Thank you Rita for the help earlier!

Now I’m going to be honest with you all as I know mum always on the blog would share her problems, worries and just have a general talk with you all. It’s very hard for all of us family and friends of my mum. To know that this is the stage we are at now after all the strength she has shown throughout this year since being diagnosed in February. My mum is one in a million, a true hero. I’m so proud of all the donations from everyone to the Beating Bowel Cancer charity. To know even though we are still on this path everyone has been so supportive and helpful in their own ways and if it wasn’t for those people we as a family would have been lost.

It’s worrying, frightening you feel helpless at times as you don’t know what you can do to help. It’s even with the smallest of things for example I can’t lift my mum up the bed as I’m not strong enough to so I feel helpless with that, luckily my brother is very strong and has helped with that so that’s good!
Knowing that we take everyday with our heads held high with all the thoughts swimming in our minds is exhausting. But knowing people are there if we need them really helps, just a small message, a call to ask how we are takes us away from those thoughts. So thank you to those people.

It’s very difficult to know what fate has install for us, but we as family and friends have joined together through this and have come out on top and created so much!

Have a nice evening, speak soon!

Rebecca xxx


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  1. What an amazing post Rebecca. To see your Mom so ill is devastating and we feel helpless. But I am so proud of you, Steve and Richard and Judith too. You are doing whatever you can in a truly awful situation. All my love to you all. It’s all I can offer xxx

  2. So so proud of you and i know your mum is ….my thoughts are with you all…sending a big hug to you Steve, Auntie Judy and of course you Rebecca and Richard…i just wish there was something i could do to help i feel so helpless …if there is anything you ever need or i can do please don’t hesitate to give me a call…… most of all lovely Wendy you are always always in my thoughts….lots of love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Just to say I love you my dearest darling Rebecca and Richard at this moment I feel so hopeless as I want to give you both a big hug and to bee with you both we all love you dearly xxxx

  4. Ah Rebecca I wish I could hug and squeeze all your worries and sadness away, I wish I could be nearer to actually do something to help other than these words I type here but as I cry silent tears I know you love your mum and she’s loves you and you are all amazingly strong as a truely loved family by everyone whose hearts you have touched please pass on the juddy hugs to all each and everyone of you are precious and I hope you feel loved and supported every second of every day now and always thanku for taking the time away from your precious mum to keep us all updated take care of you love and Juddy hugs xxxx

  5. We are thinking of you all selling calendars to support your brave mums charity. We are nearly sold out. Thanks for the update

  6. Oh Rebecca my beautiful god daughter and Richard my handsome god son. Your mom is so proud of you both as are we. You are all so strong dealing with this disease so positively from the start. Your mom is where she always wanted to be and that shows such strength from all of you who are caring for her. Love to you all and see you at the weekend. Xxx

  7. As a family you are all amazing and your love for each other shines through on this blog. We are all with you in our thoughts every single day and there is lots of love for you all here on the Isle of Wight! Please give Wendy a kiss from us ❤️

  8. Thank you Rebbecca for the up date, you all are always on mind, when I wake to when I go to sleep, you all have so much going through your minds and to do, you still take time to sit and write on here to let us know how your mom our friend Wendy is, I do hope that she can have a comfortable Christmas, she so deserves it, to be with you all, please tell I’m still thinking of her every day and loves her, God bless you all, sending big hugs to you and especially your mom, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Thank you so much Rebecca for taking the time to give us an update. My heart is breaking for you all just know that I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and sending you all loads of hugs. Please give your mum and gentle hug from me. XXX

  10. Wendy, sending you and your family all our love & strength from all your BHS friends in the North West.
    Denise & Region 2 xxx

  11. Thank you Rebecca for the post. You are such a lovely girl and caring daughter. You are all going through so much. wish I could take the worries away from you all. Keep strong sweetie. Lots of love to you all xxxxxxxxxx

  12. Take care Rebecca stay brave give your mom my love keep us informed how she’s doing I’m sure she be home before you know it big hugs xxxxx

  13. Wendy, I’m so pleased that you are finally back home where you belong with your amazing family & friends. Sending you lots of love x

  14. So glad Wendy you are home and with the family. We talked on Saturday about that being the goal and how lovely it would be to see Molly and ‘ungrateful” Tia!
    Love to you all and thinking of you as always
    Chris x x

  15. Thank you for the update Rebecca at what is such a difficult time for you all. Keeping you in my prayers. Sending love and hugs xx

  16. Wendy so glad you are back home with your family. Paul and I are thinking of you all. Hope you can feel all the love vibes coming your way. Big hugs xxxxx

  17. Wendy, it’s lovely to hear you are at home with your amazing family. Thinking of you always and sending all my love and hugs xxx

  18. Thank you Rebecca for taking the time to let us know. You, Richard, Steve and Wendy’s mom are amazing! As is your mom. Know that you are all loved and cherished. Take care and you’ll be in my prayers xxxxx

  19. Thank you Rebecca for the update my thoughts go to all of you. Sending you all hugs and love and let you know that I might not be close by but wish I could give you all a hug send love to your mom and tell her I was listening to lots of music from our school years I sure she would imagine me dancing to Adam Ant lots of love take care xxxApril xxxx

  20. Thank you for the update Rebecca and yes your mom is a true hero … But you Richard and Steve are too! She must be incredibly proud of you. Love to you all xxxxxx

  21. Great to hear Wendy, you are home with all your Family and Friends. For Xmas
    Your in my thoughts and prayers every day.
    God bless
    Pauline xx

  22. Aww, thank you for the update! You’re mum is often in my thoughts (as are you all!)
    You’re doing her proud, believe me!
    Sending love to you all xx

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