The struggle is over

This morning, our beautiful daughter, wife and mother lost her struggle with bowel cancer.

Wendy asked me to write a piece for you all when this time came, and I will. There is so much I want to say, but I will need a little time.

For now, please forgive the short update and grant us some time to come to terms with our loss.



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  1. I am so very sorry to learn of Wendy’s death. She was such a lively, fun person to know and to be with. I shall miss her very much, and my heartfelt best wishes go to Steve and all the rest of her family, her many friends and acquaintances.

  2. So so sorry to hear of such sad news. Thinking of the whole family at this sad time. Been following the blog and what an amazing thing Wendy has done here and what help she has given future sufferers of the same terrible illness. Good on ya Wend xxxxx

  3. Such devastating news. Wendy will leave a huge hole in every life she has touched with her spirit, kindness and larger than life personality. I will treasure the fun times we had together and miss her friendship terribly. Her courage and determination to help others whilst fighting this awful disease has been inspirational. My thoughts are with you all xxx

  4. I’m so sorry to hear this. I will remember Wendy as someone with time for everyone and so determined. My condolences to Steve and the family.

  5. So incredibly sorry to read this. I send my love and thoughts to all of you. I didn’t know Wendy apart from the through this blog. She came over as one hell of a woman and an incredible fighter and it must have been a privilege to have known her and be part of her life. Such an incredible spirit will be with you all forever xxx

  6. Thinking of you all at this very sad time. I can’t believe it. If ther is anything I can do please don’t hesitate to ask. Wendy was one very special person and will be greatly missed.

    All my love

    Karen xxx

  7. Steve, Richard Rebecca and judy I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It was a privilege to have known Wendy with her humour and wit, her compassion and thoughtfulness as well as her steely determination and grit.

  8. God bless you wendy even when you were suffering you still thought of others and continued to raise awareness and money for charity you are and will always be a true inspiration to me and many others my love to all your family xxx

  9. Heartbreaking news. Wendy was a unique person who never failed to impress with her determination. Love to you all. Deb and Paul. X

  10. So so sorry, we knew this time would come, but not now, please not now, she hasn’t had her last Christmas with you all, it’s just not fare, I’m just so sorry, all just try and keep strong, God bless you all, she is the brightest star in the sky now,

  11. Steve,

    I’m so glad I met the man who tried to tame this wonderful, full of life person, Wendy was responisble/involved for some of my fondest memories as a teenager and I will never forget her. My best wishes to you, your children and her mother Judy who has been been dealt more bad blows in life than I for one could take. And finally I got around to getting the calander from BHS Merry Hill yesterday evening, so glad you managed to bring that to fruition before her passing.

    Tony XXX

  12. Such sad news that Wendy has passed away. Thinking of you Steve, Rebecca, Richard Wendy’s mum and all of the family
    Julia and Jenny x

  13. Words cannot express my sadness at the loss of an incredible friend. My thoughts are with your family, Steve, Richard, Rebecca and Judith. X

  14. Steve

    So sorry to hear this devastating news. Thoughts with all of your family at this sad time.. If you need anything, anything at all just shout.


  15. Steve, my thoughts are with you and the family on this very sad day. Wendy’s journey has been truly inspiration in the face of such darkness.
    We feel privileged to have had her touch our lives.
    May all our memories of Wendy shine bright for ever more.
    God bless, Guy and Family.

  16. I never got to meet this amazing lady, but through reading Wendy’s blogs through Michelle, Wendy touched me in the most incredible ways and has given me so much inspiration. My thoughts are with her wonderful family right now and I love you all. Anne xxx

  17. I will always remember Wendy as one of life’s doers, so full of energy! A big part of my teenage years were spent round at Rangeways Road along with other great friends! We all did some growing up together. There is a saying ” only the good die young”. Well in this case it’s bloody true! You were inspirational Wendy and you will not be forgotten! Rest in peace, and love to your family x

  18. So sorry for your loss I have been following your brave wife’s blog for a while know and she was such an inspiration to myself and other R.I.P Wendy in my thoughts and prayers xx

  19. So sorry for your loss and sorry we have missed out with our visit with karl and nikki but an inspiration to all…. Our condolences to you and your family

    Colin & jackie

  20. I have only been reading Wendy’s blog the last few months but have been inspired by her courage….I was so wishing her to come through this time my heart goes out to all the family, what a wonderful brave person. Xxx

  21. Steve,I have no words to tell you how devestated I am for you and your family. I just want you to know that I was so honoured to know Wendy and to get to know you when you came to the Island. Inspirational is not a big enough word to describe you both….sleep peacefully and pain free Wendy xx

  22. RIP Lovely lady,it truly was a pleasure to have known you. A real inspiration to so many. You will live on forever in our memories. Xxx

  23. So sad to read this. Her suffering is at an end. Growing up I am younger than her big sister Julie and older than Wendy. I knew Julie better when we were all youngsters. I am sure her elder, gentle, kind sister and she are together. A bright light has gone out, but memories of a strong courageous woman will shine for many of us for a lifetime. Condolences to all of your lovely family. Rest in peace lovely, inspirational Wendy xxx

  24. So sorry for your loss all I know that Wendy was a great lady lovely friend and glad we found each other after all the years rest in peace my friend xxx

  25. I’m so so sorry to hear this awful news.
    Bless her, for her brave fight, for her daily blog, her brilliant sense of humour. .and for ALWAYS ALWAYS thinking of others as she was going through so much herself.
    She will be missed by so many.
    Sending warmth and love to you all, her Mr Wonderful, her children & her mum.
    God bless you all xxx

  26. The very saddest news. I only knew Wendy through her blog but she touched my life & tears fall easily. I will remember her message for all time & share it with anyone who will listen. I’m so very sorry for you all. No more pain Wendy – God Bless you, you wonderful, beautiful effervescent human being xx

  27. Free & Flying with the Angels xxx
    My Darlin Wendy has got her Wings
    Steve, mom, Richard & Rebecca each of you were specially chosen by God to be in Wendy’s life.
    Each of you couldn’t have loved her more, each of you helped carry her through her life journey x
    As she did with each & everyone of you x
    I believe we cross paths in our lives for a reason xxx
    I have had that pleasure too, I’m privileged & blessed to have met Wendy all those years ago., and I thank god for giving me all the special moments in time that I will hold dear for the remainder of my time on this earth. xxx

    Love to each one of you, an amazing family , you have all done your wife, daughter, mother proud

    Richard & Rebecca, in time my lovelies, do what your mom set out & nurtured you to do.
    To Live, love & enjoy your lives , that will give her all the pleasure & happiness she needs from the heavens above.

    My prayers & candles will continue just as I know Wendy would

  28. We are so very sad that Wendy has lost her fight, she is now free from pain & suffering. She will live on in our memories, she was some girl! Thinking of you all at this very sad time.
    Tony & Sue

  29. To Wendy’s dear family, I feel honoured & privliged to have read her blog through the spring & summer & then to have actually met her in person at the BHS Store Manager Conference in September. She was amazing, truly inspirational, a fellow West Midlands girl born & bred who totally endeared me in her fight against this awful disease. Today is a very sad day. I send my sincere condolences to her family & close friends xx

  30. Wendy was the most inspirational person I have ever met. I feel so blessed to have been one of her many many friends. She had so many because she really cared about people if something was wrong and she could help she would even when she was suffering so much. She wanted to raise awareness about bowel cancer well she certainly did that I’m sure most of us didn’t know much if anything about it before her blog. So Wendy achieved this. She wanted to raise money for beating bowel cancer she achieved this. She told me once she didn’t think she was inspirational, amazing, strong, brave but as we all know she was wrong on this she was all of these and more. I for one as I’m sure many more will carry on her good work making people aware and carry on fund raising.
    My thoughts and prayers are with Steve, Rebecca, Richard and Judy XXX
    I’m also sending everyone a hug who needs it on such a sad day.
    So RIP my lovely friend I will never forget you ❤❤❤❤ XXXX

  31. I am so very very sorry and sad to read this. Whilst we have spoken a few times on the phone and via the Beating Bowel Cancer website, I never met Wendy, and I wish I had. She had strength, grit, determination and a huge desire to help others with this sickening disease. Her efforts will not go in vain. Always supported by her fab family, they have all done something so wonderful by producing the calendars, and all of you who helped make this dream come true have also helped the BBC charity.
    This charity helped me when my mother and I were both diagnosed with bowel cancer within a month of each other. I subsequently became a volunteer moderator on the forum boards which is how I met up with Wendy.
    I have purposefully not been in touch with Wendy due to her health recently and whilst I knew she was very sick, I don’t think I grasped the severity of it all – to say I am ‘gutted’ at this news would be a huge understatement.
    Such sadness
    I just want to add one thing. BHS I cannot tell you how much respect I now have for you as a business. Kudos. You know how to look after your own & how to help whenever & wherever you can.
    My love, thoughts and prayers to all of Wendy’s family and friends.
    Jani xx

  32. So very sad to hear this news, my heart truly goes out to each and every one of you Steve. Wendy was an amazing lady and will never be forgotten.

  33. I never met Wendy in person,my wife Sue started posting her blog on her Facebook page
    It became a habit of mine to read them every evening,I have had several friends who have lost their battles with the Big C. I never really knew much about my friends treatment or the pain they endured. Wendy told it “warts an all” it really opened my eyes and gave me a better understanding of this awful disease
    Sue met with Wendy at the conference and with Mr Wonderful,who also visited her store on the Island,she told me what lovely people they both were,but I think I already knew this,the warmth and honesty and deep family love that shone through in Wendy’s blog told me this.
    What a lady,strong courageous and full of fun.
    My heart felt condolences go out to her wonderful family and friends.
    I’m not a religious person and I have no real thoughts on what happens in the afterlife,but I know with a soul as strong and loving as Wendy’s,That she will live forever.

  34. I was so saddened to hear the news yesterday about Wendy, our sons are the same age, which is where we met when they played football and school. My heart goes out to you all xx

  35. Devastated for your loss ,I only knew Wendy through her blog which I read avidly ,her love for Steve ,Richard Rebecca and mom shone through ,a lovely humorous ,inspirational lady .god bless

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