No Control, Prayers and Famous Faces

After the Juddys left yesterday I was conscious that my daily post was late going up. I hadn’t looked at my phone for hours as we were all just having fun. There were so many messages of “what’s wrong, where is today’s post?” I was both shocked and amazed that so many of you look forward to my daily ramblings. Final pictures entered and post edited, Steve hits the publish button. The internet is having a moment here and we all have ‘buffer face’ for 5 minutes.

Normally I don’t plan anything for first few chemo days as I have no control over by body and the side effects from the drugs. Your hands lock, anything metal or cold is evil and I forgot to mention before the lock jaw. This is when you first eat anything and your jaw locks, you have to hold it as the pain goes into your ears too. I have no control. Legs are weak and dizziness is a problem when moving around the house or travelling, that’s why the car journey for food on Sunday morning took so much effort.

I take 14 chemo tablets a day which are cancer causing and poisonous, no one else can touch my tablets outside of their packets apart from me. Since my episode of shitting myself the Immodium has worked well and stopped everything but to the point of nothing has happened since Friday. This leads Steve to start talking about me taking laxatives, OMG no control at all.

It’s Monday and you are all off at work, doing your bit for whatever company you work for. I am so blessed with the support I have received from BHS but I want to tell you a short true story. Mr Moore was my Regional Manager for 2 years. He was leaving us as the boss and going into a Senior role in head office which he now loves and enjoys. At the time it was new to him and he was leaving his team. He came into Staines one day to take Leanne and I out for a ‘thank you’ lunch. The very least he could do after we had put up with him for 2 years lol. We were alone in the office and I remember these sincere words from him.

“Wendy you don’t realise how much you like your job until someone says that you can’t do it anymore”

That pretty well sums up how it feels for me. Steve is in the office today, Rebecca is at work, as are most of you. I know the Monday routine of BHS, the start of the analysis of the past weeks trade and what actions are needed to be taken this coming week to maximise trade. No different to any other business out there. Just think for one moment on your commute to your job. How would you feel if you couldn’t do your job either via redundancy, illness, closure or just moving on? It’s a scary thought to leave people, passion and friendships made behind.

I’ve only had 4 hours sleep and was up at 5.22. It’s very quiet at this hour. Chemo tablets and breakfast done I turn to doing some work for a meeting on Thursday. I hope that I’ll be okay by Thursday and be able to get through it both physically and by not shitting myself lol. I can’t believe how many of you have come forward with your stories of ‘poo trauma’, see you are never alone.

I’m just too tired and sleep again for an hour, my sense of all taste has gone now and so you crave anything that might take this nasty taste away from your mouth. I have been cutting up small pieces of a cookie to keep to have with every coffee. I go for another coffee to find my mom has eaten my last piece lol bless her.


The postman arrives at 10 am here every day and I get a lovely surprise from ‘Mother Theresa’ herself. She has sent a card that confirms that I will be remembered for one year in masses offered every day at the ‘Our Lady of Bethlehem Abbey, Portglenone. Not only has she done this for me but also enclosed one for me to pass onto Karen. God bless my angel, my Rita.

In the same mail I get a card from the Methodist Church in Kingswinford to let us know that I’m also continually in their prayers. I am so blessed and just overwhelmed sometimes by the love and support I have from everyone. I say to my mom this morning that if love could kill cancer then I would have been cured. It’s true and I thank you all as the messages, text, emails, and sharing of my blog to help others. It really does mean so much to me, and my family.

So I’m going to leave you on a high note day. After being with the Juddys yesterday and working at Gatwick Airport we were all used to celebrities coming through. I have decided to share my claim to fame list with you all. I’m not bragging about the famous people I just want to share it with you, here goes….

The Queen – might as well start at the top hey. I’ve catered for the Queen at her Garden Parties and whilst I’ve been in front of her I didn’t speak, best not to with my ‘Black Country’ accent hey.

Spoken to Prince Edward, had to curtsey and discuss life at an Airport

Coffee with Lionel Blair.

Served Sally from Coronation Street breakfast.

Talked to Rowan Atkinson whilst paying for petrol.

Jackie Stewart, Jackie Collins, Joan Collins, Pat from Eastenders, Stuart Rose, Sir Philip Green, Lemar, Johnny Wilkinson and the British Rubgy Team, I used to ride Robert Plant’s daughter’s horse and met him but I didn’t know who he was! I shook hands with Frank Bruno (massive hands), Trinny and Suzanne, I was interviewed by the original and founder owner of Costa Coffee and worked with his two children, Craig the winner of the first ‘Big Brother’, various famous Villa footballer players, obviously! Penelope Keith, Yasmin Le Bon has been in my house with Simon Le Bon, but I don’t like to talk about that much LOL, Emma Watson and there are probably many many more that I will remember after posting this up.

Here are some that I can actually prove for you to enjoy.

A poor photo but this is Rebecca with Emma Watson
A poor photo but this is Rebecca with Emma Watson
The kids with Peter Andre just before he went into the jungle
The kids with Peter Andre just before he went into the jungle
Me with Simon Le Bon in my garden but I don't like to talk about it lol
Me with Simon Le Bon in my garden but I don’t like to talk about it lol


Hope that made you smile. It’s been a hard day in the chemo gazebo today, a flat day but reaching out to you all everyday gives me pleasure and tomorrow I’m hoping to go into work for a few hours. To be me again at work, talking about work and being useful, I hope.

Now another final bit of good news is that Leanne BFF and Mr Grey are all planned for Thursday nights ’50 Shades of Grey’ first meeting so this should be a scream of an evening. I’m looking forward to it very much and sharing it with you all on a over 18 page only (Health and Safety covered again) 🙂







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Married to Steve, I have two children - Rebecca and Richard. Steve has two children, Lauren and Chris. Rebecca lives with us (nurse Rebecca) and my mom Judy also has become nurse and housekeeper but lives in the West Midlands. My son is in the Army and comes home when he can. I am 47, born in 1967 and I was told I had bowel cancer on 22nd Feb 2015 and this blog is my journey through it. I hope it helps you as you were the reason I started it.

17 thoughts on “No Control, Prayers and Famous Faces”

    1. I don’t like to talk about it at all really but we may have time on Thursday between sex discussions LOL LOL LOL xxx

    1. Wow, she never rode her horse, I loved him, his name was Sweep a beautiful black pony full of spirit 🙂 I never knew her name I just remember her with her dad and everyone saying “that’s Robert Plant” I just thought’ WHO and get off my Sweep, I was too young xx

  1. Well then my claim to fame was meeting by chance Hilda Ogden from Corrie many many years ago at Heathrow Airport , so stick that in your pipe and smoke it 🙂 xxx lol

    Glad you liked your cards xxx

    The side effects from this God Dam Chemo is like something outta a horror movie.
    My heart is with you my lovely. Xx
    Have a great time on Thursday I’ll look forward to Friday’s Blog 🙂 lol
    Love & Hugs xxx

    1. It’s a shit sometimes but it will get easier, think I just did too much. Fifty shades will need some editing I think so it may not be up on Friday but I’ll try my best xxx
      Hilda Ogden hey woooooo

  2. Simon Le Bob, never talk about it, ye right. Simon Le Bon used my toilet, where did I hear that I wonder!!!!!
    Would that be the same as I don’t want to talk about “my certificate” oh if you insist then, ha ha ha Wendy you can’t not talk about things and that’s what we love about you.
    We miss our giggles at work with your stories, well we just miss you really, although your ears should have been burning this morning when Troy and I were having a very deep conversation involving you.
    Anyway glad to see my penis now comes under the “now famous penis” not everyone can say that now can they!
    Hope you manage to get some normality tomorrow by going to work and have a nice coffee and chat with Mary.
    Looking forward to Fifty Shades Of Grey blogg on Friday as I’m over 18!
    Taste buds are taking longer to return, boo, that’s not good.
    Oh I was in a dingy once with Bill Oddie (don’t ask)!

    1. I haven’t heard the Bill Oddie story???? kept that one quiet didn’t you! I always thought “how was I ever going to get the Simon le Bon story in” but I made it LOL but you know me I don’t like to talk about it. Troy talking about me, I hope it was nice LOL
      Loving the famous penis now Mary Poppins 🙂 Fifty shades may need some careful editing so it might not be up by Friday but it will be fun xx miss you all, always and everyday xx even Troy!

  3. Hi Hun,not long till the side effects start to reduce xx
    We will have to start planning our next day trip! Xx

    Big hugs xx

    Rita,thank you so much you really are an angel xx

    1. Chemo day for you Wednesday so we will have to meet up to give you your card, Isn’t she an angel hey xx

  4. I have learned something new reading your blog I didn’t realise you had met all these famous people….I shall definitely have to catch up with u again in the future to hear all about… especially that Simon Le Bon was in your garden….how cool is that! Xxxxx

    1. Oh I don’t like to talk about it LOL LOL but he brought Richard’s motorbike for Yasmin. It’s a great story, one for over a bottle of wine 🙂 xx

  5. Hi ,I am also part of the bhs toon family and have been for many years ,my connection is also the lovely Rita ,I have to say I am addicted to your blogs and read them avidly whilst in the bath , I once bumped into tommy cooper outside ncl airport top that !! Xx

    1. Hi Kim, any friend of Rita’s is a friend of mine. Plus your part of the BHS clan too, excellent. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anybody reading it in the bath so that’s going on tomorrow’s post lol. Keep reading as it means so much to me. Tommy Cooper hey, what a legend he was 🙂 xx

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