Sweet Memories

Now yesterday I ended the day’s post with a Happy Birthday message to Jack my cousin Nicky’s son. It got me thinking about time and special memories. So this time last year as both Jack and Richard are in the army they were by some stroke of luck together in Africa on a games lodge, blown away by the wildlife there. Elephants at the watering hole which they looked out onto from their lodge. Two young lads who played together as kids, grew up together, connected by strong family ties were together from different regiments but able to share Happy Birthday with each other, what are the chances of that hey? So special.

What was I doing last year? Well we were all getting ready to fund raise for the Royal British Legion and abseil off Guildford Cathedral. I was worried about climbing the 280 stairs and launching myself off the top. We were determined at work to raise more than we did the previous year which was just over Β£1000. 2015 we raised over Β£4000. Peter Wakeham, from the Royal British Legion who has become a dear friend helped us organise event days prior to Poppy Day with a jeep outside the store, face painting for kids, done by Rebecca and he provided us with Royal British Legion merchandise to sell too. Emma, the team and I had a great time at Guildford Cathedral and I am so glad that I did it. As a store team we were top of the company for funding last year from the Royal British Legion and we were so so proud. Now this year I am so equally proud that HRH is taking my place and doing the abseil for me. I really do appreciate her doing this as I know that they wouldn’t let me do it in my condition, Thank you so much Janine (HRH) and I will sponsor you this year πŸ™‚ Rebecca is also doing it too, as is Linda from BHS Kingston, this is a massive thing for Linda to do. Just leaving the store for the day is massive let alone the abseil off the Cathedral.

So then I started thinking about school and how I had promised stories about my fun times there and I decided to share with you one of my favourites, my last day at The Crestwood School. Now everything that I write in my blog is the truth, all of it so although this story may sound like a pre thought out joke, it is as always the honest truth. Just so that that statement makes sense I must explain the the hierarchy at the school for girls. If you were in trouble depending on your year itΒ  was Miss Woodhall first, then Mrs Smith and then Mrs Vickers! If you got to her you were in trouble, guess where I ended up? okay so here we go……

Last day was planned as ever to be spent at my house during the lunch break however unlike normal lunch breaks it would contain alcohol and lots of it. When at school we do some daft things hey but getting pissed in under an hour was ambitious to say the least. A large gang gathered, we had been planning it for weeks and wanted to just have a laugh.

I remember being in my kitchen with Michelle Cooper who had decided to assist in me getting pissed and poured me a very large Rum and black, with not much black in it at all. I downed the drink quickly as we were limited for time to get back to school. All full of alcohol we had to return for last lessons, which for me was Home Economics. As we left my house, Dunc my boyfriend at the time had his motorbike out side. I decided that I would return to school in style and ride pillion, without any protection, helmet etc just care free πŸ™‚ I pulled up my uniform skirt to jump on board but I didn’t expect to hurt my leg/knee on the hot exhaust though, however with the rum inside me I couldn’t feel it.

All pissed school friends back in school, I remember looking down at my blouse and it had come undone. I hide in the cloakroom opposite the offices and tried to do up the buttons but I was having trouble. It suddenly dawned on me that I was pissed and still had to get through the end of the school day. I did the best I could to look decent and walked through the long corridors to the Home Economics classroom where previous shameful creations had been created in their, like green bread and pineapple outside down cakes most were disasters. I can’t even remember what we were supposed to be doing that day. Probably nothing as everyone was on a wind down.

The classroom only had high stools in there and I was perched on one. The door opened and Mrs Woodhall came in, she marched straight up to me and said “where were you at lunchtime” my house I replied “and what were you doing?” now the only thing I could remember was my leg so I lifted my skirt above my knee and said “I hurt my knee” I think I was going for the sympathy vote. She said nothing to that and marched back out.

About 15 minutes later Mrs Smith walked into the classroom and said “where were you at lunchtime” my house I replied “and what were you doing?” again all I could think of was my leg and the sympathy vote, so I replied as I had to Miss Woodhall that I had hurt my knee. Mrs Smith said nothing and walked out again.

Again about 15 minutes later Mrs Vickers came into the classroom and said “where were you at lunchtime” my house I replied “and what were you doing?” Now this time as the rum had really taken hold of me as I went to show her my leg I fell off the high stool backwards landing in a big heap on the floor. “Get her to medical” was all I could hear. As I was helped down the corridor to the medical room I thought lovely I will just lie down and sleep it off. But as the doors opened I was greeted with a room full of pissed friends who had been to my house at lunch time. I thought this was hilarious and shouted ‘Yeah’! and we all fell about giggling in pleasure as I was with my mates again.

I was told I was a disgrace to the school in getting so many people drunk and that all our mothers would be called to come to collect us from school. My mom was contacted but she said she wasn’t coming to collect me, so Sandra O’nions a good friend and 6th former took me home. On passing the High Arces pub I spotted Dunc’s motorbike outside and decided to pop in to say hello and discuss my afternoon of getting most of my year drunk. I had being going into this pub for years and forgot that I had my school uniform on, whoops my secret was out, under age drinker. They didn’t seem to mind.

I was told when I returned to school that they were very disappointed in me and that they had considered not letting me take my final exams, This was never going to happen but you believe them don’t you? I begged forgiveness and said that I had learnt my lesson and told them how sorry I was however I knew that I would never forget my last day at school and never would the teachers either.

So back to time and I think about next year, what will that look like I wonder? I have been told by friends to just take the days one at a time as to process time and the possibility of not being here in a year is just too much to think about. I do however have lots of precious memories of more drunken tales to share with you so don’t worry.

I’ve have just returned from the Sunrise ward where my chemo drugs bottle that I carry around with me has been disconnected. Greeted by warm smiles and ‘have you been to the loo?’ bless them all. Nurse Daisy had been trapped in the loo for a while and the maintenance men had to let her out. She loved the Daisies that I left for her and they have all read the post about Daisy’s pre – chemo chat and found it hilarious, it’s so Daisy if you knew her.

IMG_4811I can report that the wonderful bosses at Gatwick Airport via the big man himself, ‘Juddy’ are sending me a cheque for Β£250 after Juddy shared my story and blog with them. Thank you all so much as this is appreciated by me and the charity. Some people are just so lovely aren’t they?


I hope to bring you news soon on the Calendar front as it’s all going really well so far and we will be able to take your orders soon. Not too much longer to wait before you can start to cross another Christmas present off the long endless lists that we all start to work on from now until the big day, or is that just me? Well it used to be me.

IMG_4802And finally I like to post up the candle photo’s from Rita after her trip to Sunday mass and I haven’t done this. So here is Rita’s church and candles from my prayers list from last week. Thank you Rita as ever my angel.



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Married to Steve, I have two children - Rebecca and Richard. Steve has two children, Lauren and Chris. Rebecca lives with us (nurse Rebecca) and my mom Judy also has become nurse and housekeeper but lives in the West Midlands. My son is in the Army and comes home when he can. I am 47, born in 1967 and I was told I had bowel cancer on 22nd Feb 2015 and this blog is my journey through it. I hope it helps you as you were the reason I started it.

23 thoughts on “Sweet Memories”

  1. I loved that story about school, I’d like to know where I was, I never knew any of this had happened , I’ve had to laugh about it, you know I never went the back of the gym where all the smokers went, I never did anything, what a bore I must have been,
    I hope you are feeling less pain and I hope that you are getting more sleep,
    How’s the Daisey Den coming along??,

    Thinking of you as always, love you too, xxxxxxxxx

    1. We were just all to naughty I think I attracted naughty friends. Still waiting for the email to say Daisy den is ready but we are all good to go as soon as I get the email, exciting times hey xxx

  2. I remember that last day at school too I drank a whole bottle of Johnny walker black label whisky out of my dads drinks cabinet. I had English with Mr Able who also sent me to the medical room which was rather over crowded. For some reason every parent was phoned except mine. Wendy I also have another memory which I think may have been you. Whilst having childcare with Mrs smith we were shown a film on the birth of a baby but we were told if it made us feel ill we could leave the science lab with high stools. I managed to watch all of the film of the birth and so did the person sitting next to me( maybe you) until they showed the newborn baby having a thermometer pushed up its bum to take the temperature at which point the person sitting next to me passed out. Was it you? Lol

    1. Hi Karen,

      So sorry, but I can’t recall who you are due to the change in the name – :0( . I didn’t take Childcare, but I do remember hearing that Tina Rayers fainted in the “childbirth class” – so maybe it was Tina….

    2. That was so me, I was okay all throw the film until the thermometer was pushed up his bum, defo me mate and then Mr Able got me to sit between his legs on the floor whilst I came round, all I could feel was his nuts rolling behind my head, Yuk! Glad you remember that day too xxx

  3. Loved the school story although I have heard it before. Lol. Who knows what next year will bring for any of us mate!! We can only hope that we are all still here enjoying life to the full. Live for today mate and don’t count the days but make the days count. Love to you all. Xxx

    1. Wise words well said and yes we all have to make the most of the god times whilst we can. Looking forward to seeing you again the weekend πŸ™‚ xxxxx

  4. Hilarious school day memories! Gosh Wend, I didn’t realise you were such a rebel! ;0)
    Do you remember them locking the door to the swimming pool? After the traditional shirt signing, there was a plan for all of the leavers to jump in and get completely soaked before the egg and flour throwing began – as you do! The teachers got word of it, and put a stop to it sharpish! x

    Believe it or not, I still have my signed shirt. Maybe it has your name on! I’ll send you a photo of it when I find time to dig it out!

    1. OMG yes I do remember that plan, I don’t have my shirt sadly but I’m glad you have yours after all these years. I was a bit of a rebel I guess lol but I’m glad that I have the precious memories xxx

  5. Oh Wendy that’s so funny ☺ thank you for sharing it with us. I hope your pain is under control. Definitely take one day at time it’s easier to cope with none of us no what the future holds for us just as well. Really looking forward to the calendar. I hope you have a good night. Sending you my love XXX

    1. My pleasure to share precious memories with you all. Pain better but still not good πŸ™ NO none of us know what’s round the next coener, a good thing I think. Calendar is so good πŸ™‚ Sending you lots of love too xxx

  6. Oh I wish I had memories like that!! I was Miss Goody Two Shoes I’m afraid. Still, I’ve made up for it since, lol! Glad to “hear” you’re feeling a bit more perky. Xxxxxxx

    1. I bet you were very good at school, but glad you have made up for it since. I bet you were a prefect weren’t you? xxx

  7. It was lovely our boys met up last year and of all the places in Kenya such a small world….Wendy this blog tonight has really made me laugh about your school days how funny…would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when you were all drunk…keep the sweet memories coming…lots of love xxxx

    1. Thought it would be nice to do a funny post for a change after all my troubles and it was lovely that they met up last year. Love to all xxx

  8. Well Mrs Wendy Guy nothing you say surprises me lol
    You Eejit, Hilarious just Hilarious. πŸ™‚
    I’m all for more of your antics being posted lol xxx

    Life has a funny way of things falling into place, for the boys to meet up for their Birthdays in far away lands is a big WOW

    Yes, you & your team in Kingston have done amazing Charity Work and YOU even now with everything that you have to endure physically & traumatically Continue to help others through this blog and help promote The Beating Bowel Cancer Charity. You are one very special lady xxx

    I hope your feeling better & the pain is under control xxx
    Are you getting more sleep little lady????
    How’s Molly Moo & Tia the ungrateful puddy tat ????

    Sleep peacefully tonight xxx

    Huge Hugs & Lots of Love Always xxxxx

    1. We are going to do an order page for them tomorrow I think, You will love them πŸ™‚ thanks so much for helping us make them, you are a star xx

  9. Now that is some funny stuff right there!!! At least your teachers can’t fault you for making their job a bore. You obviously never lost your sense of adventure as an adult…….jumping off the cathedral and flashing your bum whilst riding through town and all! There are loads of people in the world who only wish that they had the courage to embrace life with the openness that you do. Thanks for sharing a memory with those of us who have just recently found you. xx

    1. Hi Beverley, my over the pond friend, yes I just love to embrace life, that’s what makes this disease so difficult I think at times cos you just long to be normal, long to not feel ill all the time. I hate cancer and all it brings with it, I want and wish I could save everyone form it but sadly I know I can’t. Much love to you all over there xxx

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