Sorry, no Wendy today :-(

Sorry Wendy fans, Steve here.

As you all know, Wendy has had several weeks of pain to endure while they switched her chemo. The new chemo (FOLFIRI) began last Monday, and it does seem to be having an effect already: the visible swelling of the lymph nodes in her neck has reduced very noticably and the ones affecting her leg feel better too. On the other hand she still has pain in her back. The downside with FOLFIRI is the extreme chemo fatigue. Whilst this is to be expected, the accumulation of pain and fatigue has really got to her today and she is feeling very low.

We had been invited to a function tonight, and I know how sad she is that she didn’t feel up to it.

Wendy has faced this illness with much humour, and a very positive attitude. Those who already know her will not be surprised – she is a very strong lady. But right now, it has got on top of her and I can’t say I blame her. I know she draws great strength from all the love and support she gets from you every day. She is also heartened that the Equal Bowel Cancer Screening petition has already taken off, and I hope many more of you will sign it.

I would like to thank you all for the support, encouragement and prayers that you give for her. I’m sure she will be back very soon.





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  1. Everyone needs a rest now and then, dear Wendy! Don’t push yourself too hard. Sending you a gentle hug.
    Much love, Frances

  2. Sending all my love to you both <3

    Thank you Steve for letting us know x
    I will be at Mass tomorrow praying & burning the church down with candles.

    Wendy just baton down the hatches girl and hold strong.

    Heartfelt loves & Hugs <3<3<3 xxx

  3. First time comment! Sorry to hear you are taking time out today Wendy. I hope you get some rest and relief. Thanks Steve for letting us now. I so look forward to reading the latest update when Rita posts the link and this is just as welcome xxxx

  4. You’re allowed this Wendy. Rest up and chill out as much as you can. I hope that you’re feeling much better soon xxx

  5. Wend
    Thinking of you everyday. You’ve been strong and an inspiration to everyone but Then in so much pain. Rest and build your strength. So great to hear the positive news from steve about your current treatment. Love xx

  6. Devastated to read this. I know that this blog means so very much to Wendy, and if she hasn’t posted, it means that she really, truly can’t, which is heartbreaking to say the least – I hope she feels better very soon. x

    I, as so many others, don’t forget that you are also going through this hell with her, and as her husband, I commend you Steve. You’re absolutely amazing, as are your children (all of them), her mum, God knows this lady has been through enough, and all of your family who are living this every day.

    Sending you big, huge hugs and love.

    Thinking of you all.


    1. Hi Paulette, Thank you for your lovely message and your right the blog does mean so much to me. You all give me so much strength everyday. I’m feeling a little better now and I hope for an easier week before round 2 xx

  7. Steve, I know I don’t know Wendy personally, but I hope you’ll pass on my love and prayers to her, and to you too. You’re both so strong and such an inspiration. Sending love to you both and to your family xx

  8. Thinking of you Wendy…even though we may be strangers I feel like I have come to know you through reading your blog…you are strong and courageous woman. I don’t think I know anyone with as much grit and determination. Have a good rest and be kind to yourself xx Gemma xx

  9. Firstly, Steve, love to you and thank you for posting because I was beginning to worry that all was not well.

    Wendy, “always look on the bright side of life” de de de dum de dum de dum de dum de dum etc! The good news is that this lot seems to be having an effect and presumably that is part of the reason you feel so exhausted and so low. If love could make you better you’d have walked from Lands End to John O Groats and back by now. The Terribly Grateful Puss, Hamish, sends his purrs. He’s currently trying to stop us going walking by sitting on my walking map, lol! Cats think these things through logically you know, like Tia trying to murder you.

    So how can we lift your mood? Pain is AWFUL and exhaustion leaves one feeling really low. You’d be exhausted with the pain alone, let alone the chemo side effect. I was always told to try and do something vaguely enjoyable: watch a bit of telly, listen to the radio etc and to be kind to myself. Ian tried to tell me not to think about what I couldn’t do but to try and enjoy what little I could. Easier all said than done as you know only too well but it’s a little straw to grasp at occasionally. You have sight and hearing and a loving family all of which are positives.

    We are “heritaged” out having spent the day looking round ancient buildings in Abingdon. Very interesting and all part of Open Heritage weekend.

    You rest as best you can and know that we are all thinking of you and those of us of a religious persuasion are praying hard for you. I hope Molly is providing some comfort as well as the human family. Count your blessings with Tia, Hamish being Cuddly and Grateful thought I was in bed for his benefit and he could sit on me. OUCH!

    Tons of love from Ian and me xxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Love & Juddy hugs Steve & Wendy wish so much we could do more to help Thanku Steve for being her Mr Wonderful hope you both get a special moment soon xx

  11. Wendy,
    I’m so glad that there is a visible reduction in the lymph glands, long may this continue! Just sorry that the downside is the dreadful fatigue that rest just doesn’t seem to help.
    No-one expects you to be upbeat and strong all of the time, allow yourself these moments of sadness and let the tears run if they need to.
    A silent prayer, offered up for you.

    Steve, thank you for writing tonight’s blog, I for one would have been concerned if it was left empty. Hugs to you too x


  12. So sorry Wendy is feeling so rough that she can’t do the blog because I know that the pain and fatigue must be unbearable for Wendy and also unbearable for the rest of you to witness with a feeling of helplessness . Hugs and kisses to you all. You are an amazing family. Xxx

  13. hi steve aka mr wonderful
    Thanks for the update. Hope wendy feels more herself very soon. I’ve signed and shared the petition
    Thinking of you all

  14. Hello Steve, you are Wendy’s rock, I’m glad she is resting up, just hope she will feel a little better, I send you all big hugs and so much love ❤, I think of you all every day, I hope the bell comes in handy, xxxx

  15. Sending loads of Love your way.
    Steve you are great, Wend get lots of rest, enjoy your time with your Mr Wonderful. Xxx

  16. I’m so sorry you’re feeling so awful Wendy. Thanks Steve for keeping us informed. Lots of love to you too. Although it does seem hopeful about the tumours. About time you had some positive news. Anything you need you know where we are. Xxx

  17. Hi, I’m a friend of Teresa . Following your blog and amazed at your strength and sending you lots of love….can’t wait for juddy in the chaps photo!!

  18. Hi Steve, thank you so much for keeping us posted.
    Big hugs to Wend, who deserve a huge rest from all of us, we love her loads. And although I’ve never met you Steve, sounds like you are an amazing bloke too.
    Hoping that the chemo, does it’s job, and Wend you are not in too much pain, much love to you all ooxx

  19. Sending love from Melbourne, Australia. It is whooshing round to you both now . A UK FB friend is sharing your blog links. Its wonderful Wendy, what you have achieved reaching out to others and getting your message out about bowel Cancer. Many are grateful for what you are contributing, it’s amazing and inspiring. Thank you
    The Wendy I have come to know from the openess of your blog is strong, funny and determined despite the barriers that come. You find a way . So while your treatment is working and sapping you of energy to write, know many are there with you- in mind and from the heart Your words matter and are making a difference

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