2977 people died in the bombing of the World Trade Centre 13 years ago. An awful day for us all and I think everyone will remember where they were on that day. I was working for Debehams in Telford, just prior to being promoted and working out of London in a regional role. I was called to watch the news on the telly in the staff room, I couldn’t believe my eyes and thought I was watching a film. Then the news came in that London was also going to be attacked. The worry of all of our loved ones that day will never be forgotten. Normal people going out to work, normal routines that sadly ended in the tragic loss of life.

2977 lives! However this links nicely to our online petition which Steve and I created last night. If you live in Scotland you will be screened from 50 years of age but in England you don’t get screened until you are 60 years of age. Earlier screening could prevent 4000 people going through the misery of bowel cancer. It’s a simple test and I just don’t understand why. Well I do it’s all about money at central Government. We have to fight for equality in this. Early screening would not have saved me or Karen but if it could save someone you loved wouldn’t you fight for it? Yes you would so please consider supporting us in our petition to get early screening in England as they currently have in Scotland. Just click here to access the petition.

So I’ve slept for 4 1/2 hours and up at 4.30 am, not bad but better than that I haven’t woken up to the runs and I don’t feel as sick either 🙂 I feel less fatigued and apart from the pain in my back I feel quite normal again. So I feed the animals as normal. Coffee, 1/2 biscuit and a fag later and within 1/2 an hour I’m on to my project work and complete an hours worth of work correcting the mistakes I made the other day when I had chemo head. Painkillers at 5.30 and this takes some of the pain away but not all of it 🙁

Tia the ungrateful rescued cat didn’t try to kill me this morning. After breakfast she even sat on my lap, wow. She wanted some love. Now Tia’s previous owners must have hurt her so much as she will only let you touch the back of her head. If you stroke her back she may let you once or twice but then she will hiss at you and run off. We have had her now for 10 years and the mental scars for her are still there, sad really as much as we have tried to make her feel loved and safe – some painful memories like in all of us run too deep.

As I became ill in February this year I spent a lot of the early days, week and months just looking out of the window from the kitchen which looks out into the garden. I can’t face winter and the thought of not being able to be outside or just to have a nicer view from the house. So we are thinking of getting a conservatory fitted, a Wendy House lol. Now we can’t afford it and I’ll have to cash in one of my pensions but we think it will be worth it and Steve would do anything it make me happy.

School Day Memories – My mom and dad’s house was convenient as a meeting place at lunchtime as it was within easy reach of both the Buckpool and The Crestwood Schools, the boys we hung out with went to The Buckpool School. Si, Jimmy, Dunc, Mark to name but a few. We would all gather, the usual girls, Leah, Michelle, Linda, Sarah etc, where we would eat, smoke and plan the evening activities, we would then all go back to school. One day we were all there about 20 of us, the house was a mess, cups, sandwich bags, coats and bags as normal lay across the front room floor. I happened to look up and see my dad’s work van go down the road to turn around. OMG what was I going to do, how could I hide 20 noisy teenagers from my dad? No time to waste I rushed everyone upstairs into my bedroom and told them to stay as quiet as possible until dad had gone. All upstairs I tried to cover up the mess downstairs as much as possible and got on the sofa to pretend I was not feeling well (monthly girlie problems always works with men). My dad had returned home to get some documents to insure the family car, pre internet see! Back in the day when we all had to go to the post office and stand in the queue of doom. My dad got what he needed but thought he’s just pop to the loo before he headed off again, my heart was in my mouth. I don’t know about you and your experiences with men weeing but if it’s a full bladder it can go on for what seems like forever, they stand up so the noise is not disguisable and it seemed to go on and on and on and in the next room was 20 kids standing as still as possible, packed in like sardines trying not to make a sound or laugh, I wouldn’t have been able to keep quiet but thankfully they all did. Dad finally left without noticing a thing out of place and the once trapped school friends were free at last. My dad wasn’t an observant man and I used to say I could walk around the house naked just wearing a pink wig and he wouldn’t notice, I think on that day I was glad of his oblivious streak.

So the man came round today regarding putting up a conservatory, £20k so that’s now not going to happen sadly, I think we will have to go back the the drawing board and just buy me a potting shed, complete with garden gnomes lol.

Leanne from Beating Bowel Cancer
Leanne from Beating Bowel Cancer

Leanne came round from Beating Bowel Cancer to discuss the calendar and the awareness day that we have planned in Wycombe Eden Centre on Saturday 26th September. If anyone wishes to join us and support us if only for an hour it would be greatly appreciated to raise money but also to educate people. I now have plastic bums and collection pots next to my wheelchair ready for the big day. Leanne had a sad story of a young lady of just 26 years of age. She had been repeatedly to her doctors who were treating her for IBS by the time they discovered it was bowel cancer it was too late for her and she sadly passed away just 8 months after diagnosis. We have to educate doctors and the general public, we have to try to stop this heartbreak for people and their families but sadly talking about bums and poo is not popular. We however are going to keep trying to get the message out there.

Leanne left at around 1 pm and I slept until 3 pm. Chemo sleep is not normal sleep, you don’t feel refreshed at all. You just wake up to the realisation of what your going through again. Leanne as others do think I’m so strong and positive but underneath I’m not, I get frightened like everyone else but self pity and doing nothing is not an option for me, I have to try to help others and do whatever I can. I think I just want to save everyone, but sadly that’s just not possible is it? Death comes to us all, fact! But you expect to have your fair share of the years, so many people are denied this through cancer of all types which just breaks my heart.

Thanks to Gemma for her donation, a friend of Ria’s who stars in the Cancer Free song, a friend of my BFF. Thanks also for your lovely message. I also have started getting lots of messages from people I don’t know who love my blog, this always makes me happy as I love the feedback, it inspires me to keep going even on the days when I feel low so thank you today to an old friend of Karen Brindle who contacted me.

Well it’s Friday and you all must have great plans for the weekend. I hope that you all enjoy whatever you are up to. Steve and I have have a weekend just the two of us which we haven’t had for the longest time which I’m looking forward to 🙂

We are going out on Saturday night so I’ll pre do a post as normal for you all but my replies maybe late to you all, sorry but then it will be back to normal on Sunday, love to you all xx



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Married to Steve, I have two children - Rebecca and Richard. Steve has two children, Lauren and Chris. Rebecca lives with us (nurse Rebecca) and my mom Judy also has become nurse and housekeeper but lives in the West Midlands. My son is in the Army and comes home when he can. I am 47, born in 1967 and I was told I had bowel cancer on 22nd Feb 2015 and this blog is my journey through it. I hope it helps you as you were the reason I started it.

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  1. I have signed the petition and shared plus tweeted it. Also shared the cancer free video on a couple if the IOW group pages so hoping that will generate a few donations plus new blog followers.
    If the sunshines tomorrow I have warned Perry (hubby) that we’ll be taking his calender pic…I’ve had another idea for a fun theme so you may have 4 in total to choose from.
    I’m quite excited about the calendar project…would BHS stock some of them or am just getting carried away?
    That said the WI calender girls project was turned into a film so never say never.
    Both you and Steve deserve a weekend together and I hope the pain and poo allows you to enjoy precious quality time together and a ‘date night’ on Saturday evening.
    Gentle hugs to you and much love to you both…Mr & Mrs Wonderful xx
    You’re both s true inspiration xx

    1. Hi Jane thanks for all your support and I’m looking forward to the photo’s we have had some great ones so far. Beating Bowel Cancer may put the calendar in their shop on the internet and I will speak to BHS as it maybe a way to go. Thanks for all your support it means so much xx

  2. Shared the petition Wend, whilst waiting in our surgery for appointment with physio noticed our screen was pushing all to think about and action bowel cancer checks,impressed.Met a friend if a friend whose husband I always thought was a bit hot,he has been diagnosed with cancer and doing chemo like you, lots of the runs, lots of sleeps same old but has received help from Macmillan,think you have been very unlucky.Oh well,lots of sleepless nights with the knee pain when I think of you,hope the physio works as I have Barry to look after.Wendy enjoy your lovely just the two of you weekend.xx

    1. Thanks Dorothy, so sorry that you are so much pain it’s awful constant pain that you can’t escape from. I have lots of drugs lol but I don’t like taking them. Sorry to hear about your friend too, so sad that people have to go through this chemo treatment it’s so hard on your body whatever age you are but being older must be awful 🙁 xx

  3. Hamish, the Terribly Grateful Rescue Cat, sends his purrs and miaows as he settles down on my lap. This is a sure sign that the temperature is dropping in the evenings. I’m planning to tackle that sticky toffee cake recipe on Sunday so, if it’s successful or at least edible, then I’ll bring some down to you.

    Winter’s hard, I know, but with plenty of blankets or a sleeping bag and a hot water bottle, it’s ok to sit outside. I know you’ll be cross, but if the pain is ok, we can always go for a “wheel” round the Rye (as opposed to a walk). The woods there are lovely. Plus you can come up here if you’re up to it, otherwise we’ll just have to come and visit you. Oh, Burnham Beeches are very wheelchair friendly and, during the week, they have buggies available, so let’s see how you are when we get back from holiday. If all else fails, we can knit a blanket together!!!

    I went to a talk on Mercy Ships last night at WI. The hideous (benign) tumours the poor W Africans put up with because they simply don’t have a doctor or dentist of hospital within hundreds of miles. It makes you stop and think. Blindness too. The ship is equipped with 5 operating theatres and 80 beds. All staff are volunteers and they pay for their food. Huge dedication. Quite amazing charity.

    Ok, back to our lives. Here’s hoping you have a reasonable night and love to that smashing hubbie of yours. Xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Wow it does make you think how lucky we all are hey. I can’t knit so that’s out haha and hot water bottles and sleeping bags i think it will be, where there’s a will there’s a way hey. Looking forward to the cake but if too much trouble don’t worry. Thanks for your lovely message xx

  4. Ah I love the thought of a Wendy House lol I’m sure your Mr wonderful will find a solution to bringing in the outdoors in. Petition signed and shared & Leia was even tempted to bare her bum for your calendar what a sweetheart meant a lot to me that she even said she thought about it bless her. Tell me more about your planned awareness day on 26th is it something your organising or the charity lets get the word out plastic bums n all lol hope you get your special moments over the weekend love n juddy hugs xx

    1. Oh bless her, what a sweetie for thinking of bearing her bum. Thanks for the support on the petition. The 26th is being organised by the charity I’m just trying to help them. Hope you have a lovely weekend too and get those photo’s taken lol I can’t wait to see them xxx

  5. Aw shucks and feck that the conservatory has gon out the window big Boooo 🙁
    However get Steve down the garden centre they really do some amazing garden houses ( Wendy House ) if I could bribe my hubbie id have one myself 🙂 look into it xxx and get an electrician or Mr Wonderful to run electric power to it 🙂

    It is a very sad day today with the rememberence of 9/11 . The loss of life was atrocious I was in Turkey when it happened on the way back from a site seeing trip when it came on the news!!!! Your right I bet everyone would be able to say where they were when it happened!!!!!
    The other one that sticks in my mind was the death of Princess Diana 🙁

    Loving your shenanigans from your school days lol, keep them coming<3

    I'll be back to Mass on Sunday Cupcake so I'll be waiting for my list xxx

    Have a lovely weekend with Mr Wonderful xxx
    Love & Hugs Always xxx

    1. I know £20k is a bit much for a view hey. Welcome home and glad your back on candles on Sunday. feeling so low again today it’s just all so shit this chemo and cancer stuff 🙁 xxx

      1. I bet you are Honey, what you are going through is soul destroying 🙁 my poor Wendy x
        Try to have a calm but enjoyable weekend , get those pain killers in you and gather some Mr & Mrs Daisies . Big Hugs xxx

  6. Sorry your feeling a bit down today Wendy. Conservatories are definitely overrated too cold in winter and far too hot in summer. We don’t use ours at all well actually it has become the most expensive log store ever. Hope you enjoy your precious time with Steve this weekend picking daisies. Big hug. Xxx

    1. Hi Karen, yes it’s been another tough day and weekend not going to plan, I fell asleep and woke up as Steve was going to bed, whoops 🙁 xxx

  7. Wend I’m so sorry you are feeling so low. That conservatory is definitely a bit pricey. Maybe waterproof the chemo gazebo and get a good patio heater although that’s not quite the Wendy hours you anticipated. I was at school when 9/11 happened. I remember all the parents who were picking up their kids were talking about it. I couldn’t believe what I saw when I turned the T.V on as I got home. Horrific! I hope you and Steve enjoy your well deserved weekend together. Love to you both. Xxx

    1. Very pricey. so potting shed for me it is hey lol. I fell asleep tonight to wake up to Steve going to bed, oh dear 🙁 xxx

  8. You, my dear wendy, have become part of my nightly routine!
    #bummeraboutthe conservatory..#summerhouseisthewayforward!
    Petition signed, love and prayers sent. (Donation made weeks ago too)
    “See” you tomorrow xx

    1. Hi Kazz, thanks for your support and for sharing my daily ramblings. I’ll look into potting sheds now lol never mind it was a nice thought for the winter months but £20k wow xxx

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