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It’s 1.20 am here as I start today’s post. My posts always seem to span two days, this sometimes confuses my mom. So it’s been a wonderful day filled with presents, friends and love. It’s been like having a birthday! Maybe that’s how the Queen feels as she has two each year. I’ve taken loads of photo’s to capture the moments in time, some of which I posted on Facebook but here are a few more for you all.



Now having taken these photos Leanne told me of the latest craze which is an app you can download. You take a photo and then you can airbrush and alter it to make yourself look better. This started as a bit of fun and this is Leanne’s attempt to make me look less wrinkled and she put some lipstick on me too.


Rebecca came home from London and upon hearing about the app, did this to me!!!


All of this reminds me of a funny photo Leanne had sent to me recently which has to go into this post.



So hence the title of this post, moments in time captured, a nano second reflected in one single shot that can make us all smile. When Leonard Nimoy (Dr Spock for all you non trekkies) died in February this year he wrote these last words on Twitter which I think are beautiful.

A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory

That’s what I did today. I had perfect moments which are preserved in my memory, captured on camera and shared with you all.

After a lovely meal of beef bourguignon followed by various delicious cheesecakes, thanks to the Juddies we sat in the Chemo gazebo until the wee hours. We enjoyed a beer with Leanne and chatted away about life’s memories, being arrested and speeding fines to name but a few topics. We kept to the agreed curfew between 9-11 pm again apart from a call from Lauren (kids are exempt from the curfew). My sister in law Helen thinks 2 hours isn’t long enough for Steve and I but it’s working so far. It was lovely to talk about normal stuff. Every day stuff, fond memories. I can almost forget I am ill at times. Then when we talk about cancer it’s like I’m talking about someone else. When Chris came to see me today, he said as many people do, that I look really well. We both giggle at this as he reads my blog and he knows that I’m going to say “would you like me to look a little more gaunt like, thinner perhaps?” But I do look well and I know this. In other posts I have told you about my tummy which can take on a look through swelling of a bouncy castle. I thought I was gaining weight but apparently bloating is a known side effect of tumour in the abdomen, of bowel surgery and of chemo so I say bollocks to it and enjoy cake, LOL.

What was so lovely about tonight was that as today is my first chemo free day until Friday I can really taste how good the cheesecake is and I can enjoy a cold beer 🙂

Rebecca not knowing what the parcel actually was brought us all lovely cupcakes from London. I’m now self sufficient in cakes for about a fortnight now.

Richard seems calm now he is home, when he was in Canada he was just so angry and just wanted to be at home. Since he has returned we have all just fitted back in to our family life as if Richard is just back like any weekend.

I am slightly worried about my Facebook Messenger app as a very lovely school friend of mine whom I have been chatting to privately has sent me a message on Messenger. I say message but she could be arrested under the trades description act as it’s more like war and peace. I copied and saved her words so that I could delete it. No luck, I turned my phone on and off, no luck. I was unable to use this app all day apart from on my laptop but it’s working now since she deleted the message from her end.

My weekend is just perfect so far and tomorrow my cousin Nicky, her husband Karl and my Aunty Shelia (my dad’s sister) are coming to see me.

Went to bed at 2.30 and I’m awake again at 6.10! and it’s bloody raining, I had visions of us spending the day in the garden, in the sunshine eating cheesecake but no apparently it’s going to rain all day. I just don’t care as I’m really looking forward to today. The lump in my throat that makes you feel sick on chemo is almost gone. I had 3 cold beers last night and I can taste everything so no rain is going to spoil my day.

I check Facebook on my laptop to see who is up, Rita is not online yet so she must be having a lie in. Come on Rita get to church!!

Now my Aunty Shelia, cousin Nicky and husband Karl are on their way down for lunch, due to arrive at 1 o’clock. As I only had 4 hours sleep last night I plan a quick nap at 10.30 so that I can enjoy the day. I must have been too excited as I was awake again at 11.15. I’m so glad that Nicky asked if they could come down to see me following my post/announcement about being  stage 4. We had a lovely lunch followed by the decadent cheesecakes, courtesy of the Juddys yesterday. We spent hours just talking, laughing and remembering fun times. Again I think of my ‘Meaning of life‘ post, that what makes me complete are people, family and friends. Thanks so much for coming but it was sad seeing you go. So as promised here are the now famous ‘chemo gazebo’ precious moments.


Family kissing shot
Family kissing shot


Now the other news of the day is a very special girl to me Jordan raised £200 doing her ‘Race for Life’ today with my name on her back. Anne who I have got to know via my blog was also doing the ‘Race for Life’. Thanks to you both as it’s people like you who make a difference to the future of cancer sufferers, treatments and research. Together we can find a cure.

Final other news is that my BHS Kingston family were having their party in the park today. I had hoped they had a great time as I miss them all everyday and I hope it didn’t rain for them.

Rita confirmed candles and prayers had been completed for Karen and I this morning, cheers Rita. Now Rita this post is short in terms of words but it makes up for it in photos, I hope you agree.

I’ve had such a special weekend. I am so blessed. There is however a serious side to life which I will share with you all tomorrow.

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  1. Well this is great news honey
    You all looked relaxed & having fun x
    Long may it continue x
    Love & Hugs Always xxx

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