Update Tuesday 20th October

Steve here.

I thought Wendy would want me to keep you posted as to why she didn’t write yesterday.

Yesterday morning she was very drowsy and unsteady on her legs. She had an appointment with a pain specialist and I managed to get her there. The pain doctor thought her drowsiness was down to an increase in gabapentin (pain medication) and that the dose should be reduced. She was also due to have chemo but they didn’t want to do it as she was so drowsy. So the plan was to go home and sleep it off and try again tomorrow.

By 8pm she was still just as sleepy and we were becoming worried. I phoned Marina (Rennie Grove nurse) who said she ought to be seen by a doctor, and we decided I would call an ambulance. The first paramedic arrived within five minutes, shortly followed by a second team. They quickly identified that she was running a high temperature and her heart rate was too fast. They suspected some kind of infection, and with chemotherapy patients they don’t take any chances so she was taken by ambulance to Stoke Mandeville, where she is now.

Her mom, Rebecca and I were there till about 3.30 am, and we have now split up into shifts. Rebecca just phoned to say her temperature was down and she was drinking coffee. Her mom has just gone back and I will take over later.

I will try to update you later.

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  1. Sending all my love and thoughts are with you all. Stay strong and continue to support each other xxxxx Wendy you need to get back home to your hot tub ASAP x

  2. So sorry to hear this. Sending you our love and prayers to you all. Hope Wendy gets the attention she deserves and needs. Was concerned last night, as I read her blog every night, before I say a prayer.

    1. Hi Helen, It’s been a bit scary here, infection, I’ve had virtual complete paralysis and been in hospital for I don’t know how long. Your bro saved my life again bless him. xxx

    1. Don’t you worry about that mate, I will be a home as soon as I can. Got virtual paralysis due to the infection but it’s wearing off slowly xxx great calendar shots hey LOL xxx

  3. Oh my goodness, you poor things. She was just sleepy but you must’ve all been going through hell and worried sick. SMH were brilliant when Ian had an infected finger and similar symptoms so she’s in very good hands. I’m afraid that now the winter bugs are around we all need to be doubly careful about not kissing her and giving her too many hugs. 🙁

    Give her my love and may God give you all strength. Xxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Wendy ,sorry to hear you’ve had a bad turn,wishing you a speedy recovery from the infection,& home and hot tub soon .xxx

  5. Bless you Steve for keeping us updated, was worried last night and whatsapp’ed Wendy hoping she was ok. Now we know, let’s hope Wendy will be home soon. Sending everyone love and good wishes. X

  6. Oh Wendy, I knew there was something not right. Praying for a speedy recovery so you can be home. Love to you and your family xxxxx

  7. Thinking of you all at this stressful time. Your one amazing family. Xxx Wendy is one lucky lady to have you Steve. Xxx

  8. Just get her better and she can come home, she’s in the right place, remember me to her and that I’m thinking of her, xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. So sorry,another setback but In the right place.I have a friend who had to stop this medication as she was dangerous falling asleep with no warning anywhere.Glad Wendy is responding well,such a worry for you all.Love to all.

    1. Hi Boss, I’m a tough old bird remember, I’m doing okay and I’m not going to let this set me back 🙂 xx you brought me up better than to let a small thing like paralysis to stop me LOL LOL LOL

    1. Oh Emma I’ve been so poorly, I don’t think I can make it on Friday but we will see, I have been paralysised due to the infection. But I am hoping it’s all going to go well now in terms of recovery xx

  10. Thank you for taking the time to tell us Steve. I hope they know they’ve got a VIP on their ward! We all love you Wendy. God bless your little cotton socks x

    1. Hi Lizzie,
      I’m doing okay mate and I am not letting this stop me, I’ll be back blogging everyday before you know it xxx

  11. Sending big hugs..thinking of you Wendy and also thinking of you her family…sending lots of love xxxxxxxxxx

  12. So sorry to hear that you are alittle under the weather Wendy. Sending lots of love & best wishes that you are home soon
    with your family x

  13. Thank you for our update Steve, so kind of you.
    Give Wendy lots of love and loads to you all, although I don’t know you, my thoughts are with you all. God bless and hope Wendy feels a bit better soon ooxx

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