Update on the horror of Ward 10 and Daisy Den

Okay so hearing about the experience of the past two weeks and seeing it is completely different, so here we go with the experience of the horror on Ward 10.

Firstly this noise went on all night long

Seeing how I am now in terms of the Lymphedema and the state that I was in whilst in hospital, again very different to see.

My right leg is swollen due to the removal of the lymph nodes in my body and has left my right leg so weak that walking is just about possible around the house but has left me wheelchair bound.
there were so many canulas in my arm that the pain was unbearable and I insisted they remove them. The only way that they could get bloods out of me was with a baby’s canula.
The bruising left around my body is awful and this is just my left forearm

Just to cheer you up

Now for some good news and just to cheer you up here is Richard on Halloween dressed as Britney Spears I believe LOL
Daisy Den has full power and has just had it’s last varnish. In 24 hours the furniture can be moved in and we are then nearly finished. Just those lovely soft furnishings to put in place πŸ™‚

Now this post maybe short in terms of length but it’s all about the experience. The sounds that went on throughout the night that meant that apart from the bed I couldn’t actually sleep. The visual look of my body and what state I’ve been left in.

I hope that the short post will again back up the need for me to withdraw from you all for those few days.

I have also been now signed of sick for a period of two months from work with a review period so that if fit and well whilst on Chemo I may be able to commence project work at home. If not then this sick period will be extended.

Whilst on my treatment break I will be taking a long weekend break with my Mr Wonderful and you never know I may turn up in a store near you πŸ™‚

If Chemo is going well then at some point the extra KRAS gene funded treatment will be given and this could extend my prognosis by up to 2 years.

When I say that I’m doing things properly this time, I mean that I will take responsibility for my recovery and for once I’m putting myself and my loved ones first. A cleaner started today and this will mean that neither me nor my mom nor Rebecca will have that extra pressure and we will be taking more of those picking daisy moments when we are together as a family.

Internet orders for food shopping will be placed weekly so that this takes away the stress to Steve of yet another job that he was doing.

Changes to our home are nearly complete so that I can manage the best that I can at home whilst recovering. Pictures to follow.

I will be following up the estimated delivery times of the Calendars tomorrow and I will post up when they will be available at the chosen 11 BHS Stores.

I will continue to raise awareness about Bowel Cancer with your help and support by sharing my blog but not at the expense of my health any more.

I will attend Parliament and continue to challenge the unequal funding between Scotland England and Wales. Do whatever charity work I can do, to include interviews, press and any other form of media but again only if it isn’t putting my health at risk in any way at all.

So there you are ‘Wart’s and All’ as normal and that was always the deal with my blog. I hope that you will now understand the whole picture.

My BHS Family have been so supportive and I am so pleased when I read the comments left on my blog on how you now see BHS in a completely different light as the fantastic company that I know them to be and love them for everything that they have done for me, for fund raising and for the massive amount of love that they have given me. So many people facing this awful disease lose their homes or are dismissed as part of the process of employment rights, for example a contractor would just have their contract ended and this happens to people. I could have been facing all of this, losing my home but instead I consider myself very blessed.

The next iBook will be free as this was never about making money for us. Your words via the comments pages will form part of that book, I have already had fantastic reviews left on iBooks regarding this so thank you for leaving your reviews.

And finally thank you to you all who have sent me extra soft furnishing presents for Daisy Den. Karen Brindle AKA Potter sent me today the most amazing hand made bunting which is just beautiful, again photos to follow when it’s up. And I have also received a handmadeΒ  Daisy Den sign that is already in place, photos to follow.

And really really finally I must thank my Angel Rita Jackson who championed me for the SOS fund that has provided the NASA state of the art bed that will change my life with Steve and again this has been given to me by my BHS family. Sometimes there are just never the words to say thank you but I am as is my family eternally gratful for what my BHS Family have done for me.


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Married to Steve, I have two children - Rebecca and Richard. Steve has two children, Lauren and Chris. Rebecca lives with us (nurse Rebecca) and my mom Judy also has become nurse and housekeeper but lives in the West Midlands. My son is in the Army and comes home when he can. I am 47, born in 1967 and I was told I had bowel cancer on 22nd Feb 2015 and this blog is my journey through it. I hope it helps you as you were the reason I started it.

32 thoughts on “Update on the horror of Ward 10 and Daisy Den”

  1. Wendy
    You are truly blessed with a wonderful family workforce and friends. We are the grateful ones the ones who are glad you are still here trying to help others. You are one in a million. Don’t “do down” what you are doing or how you are appreciated. You may think you are “just Wendy” but you are extraordinary and to others so much more.
    Thank you for being a true friend and an amazing “wonder woman” xxxxx

  2. Oh Wendy, suddenly I see huge advantages in my suffering from genetic hearing loss! At least I can take my hearing aids out though I doubt that’d solve the problem enough to sleep. Why doesn’t the NHS supply ear muffs?! And your POOR BODY! All those bruises. I suppose it was all necessary to save your life but you’re not supposed to have needles in you too much after lymph nodes have been taken out in case of infection! Still, you’ve survived and you’re alive to tell the tale, so let’s be thankful for that and VERY determined to keep clear of germs in future. No hugging or kissing for us lot, you don’t know where we’ve been, lol!

    So glad you’ve seen the light on cleaning and shopping. You all need your energies to try to enjoy the good days and hours.

    Daisy Den is AMAZING! Give Mr Wonderful an ENORMOUS wet kiss and a hug! Your Home Team have done wonders.

    Now take care of yourself, we don’t want you going AWOL again…. Xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. So glad you are putting yourself and your family first Wendy..just as it should be
    As for your long weekend break with Mr Wonderful…I’ve heard the Isle of Wight’s lovely
    Mind you you’d probably have to rob a bank to pay the boat fare,so maybe not..
    Whatever you do and wherever you go,have the best time and enjoy each other ❀️❀️❀️

  4. You’ve come a long way during this past few weeks. Bravo on taking control. We are all in your corner and can wait for the updates as and when you are well enough to post. Just remember, you are in our thoughts and prayers every single day. No need to respond. Just concentrate on getting well and yes, BHS have already had a lot of my Christmas gift spending money. If they can look after you so well, it’s the right place for me to spend my hard earned dollar! Take good care xxx

  5. Glad your bunting arrived. Your more than welcome, my love of fabrics and sewing comes from woodies mom from primary school. It’s not before time that you all start putting the Guy family first.

  6. Thanks for the post glad your putting you and your family at the front of the queue. Do want you want to and nothing else. Daisy den looks amazing. Enjoy your weekend when you’re able and think of your cleaner and Internet shopping as doing your bit for the economy you’re keeping people employed. Blog when you’re up to it we’ll be here. Know that your in my heart and mind every day as are your family.
    Debs xxx

  7. Hi Wendy no wonder you didn’t get any sleep. I hope you leg is not to painful. Your daisy den is looking good your amazing family have done an fantastic job. I am looking forward to seeing it finishes.
    I’m so pleased to hear you are putting yourself and family first. I for one will carry on fund raising as I am sure many more on here will so you don’t have to worry about that as I know how important it is for you.
    Love the picture of Richard.
    I am so pleased to hear that you and Steve are going away for a special weekend so needed and deserved. XXX
    Finally I would like to say THANK YOU RITA for putting Wendy forward for the SOS fund so she can have an amazing bed I’m sure it will make such a difference to such a special couple. XXX

  8. Just wanted to leave a comment as I havent for a little while and just wanted to send a big virtual hug..
    Just do whats right for you and your family and everything else can wait or will fall into place
    Lots of love from one of your BHS relatives!! xxxxxx

  9. I’m happy to hear that you’re finally putting yourself and your family first, Wendy. Hope you’re feeling better very soon.


  10. Glad your putting yourself and lovely family first as that’s how it should be….Daisy Den looks amazing!! Enjoy your break and if there is anything i can ever do you know where i am….thinking of you all and sending lots of love as always xxxxxxxxxx

  11. Bloody hell Wendy I could not have got any rest with that going on. It’s not her fault, the poor cow, but I’d be proper vex if I couldn’t sleep.

    I did spare a thought on how you were managing to sleep while you were in hospital as you don’t have the greatest sleep pattern at the best of times. Little did I realise how impossible it really was.

    Coming home must have been absolute heaven.

    I’m sorry you have been poorly Wendy and I hope that you are starting to feel a little better every day.

    The Daisy Den looks like the cottage in ‘The Holiday’


    A Cleaner! This made me smile when I read it. What a smart move. The other thing that made me chuckle was when you said “this post maybe short in terms of length” In terms of length was a bit superfluous to the sentence but why say four words when you can say 35, that’s what I say πŸ˜€

    I have bought my first Christmas presents from BHS and it gave me a lovely warm and fuzzy feeling to spend my money with them. They ought to be nominated for a Top 100 companies to work for.

    Thank you for writing, goodnight x

  12. Oh My God
    It’s like the Hammer House of Horror, you most certainly been put through the mill hey sweetie.
    But for all that I am extremely grateful to the hospital Wend because they saved your life, that in itself is a blessing. X
    That poor dear and her ramblings, so so sad, she’s somebodies mom, daughter, sister, nan, aunt and it’s heartbreaking. So alone and rambling πŸ™ I so couldn’t be a nurse or doctor because everybody’s plight would weigh to heavily on my heart. I would want to take everyone of them home to look after πŸ™ Plus I can’t stand the sight of blood I’d pass out lol
    But as always you bring to us warts & all and show us what you experience first hand and the plight of our NHS system.

    The suffering you have endured is unbelievable & heartrendering but you don’t give up, you falter, you suck it up and you get back up and live to fight another day. My admiration for you just keeps growing x

    Daisy Den is looking superb I can’t wait to see the finished product with all the furnishings xxx
    Well Done to your amazing Mr Wonderful, Richard, Rebecca & Mom xxx

    Yes Wendy, you must take steps going forward to do right by yourself & family. You have all been going through so much that you need to take a stand xx
    Blog when you can it doesn’t need to be every day my lovely just when your up to it and not fatigued or in pain <3

    I played a part in the SOS Fund with massive support from Janine Leightely & Helene Hammer and it was my pleasure to help engineer their gifting to you & Steve. xxx
    I pray to God the bed & super duper mattress gives your wee body the comfort it needs to aid sleep & the joy of sleeping with your Mr Wonderful Again xxx

    Rest well my sweet
    Love & Hugs always xxxxx

  13. Work daughter,what did I say all along,too much worrying about blogs, fund raising and others but you’ve done it now so I’m sure everybody felt you had done too much and were as worried as me when you “disappeared” during your hospital hell but now we know you are improving,have your tub and daisy den we are only too happy to hear less from you which means more family times for you all.Amazed re the cleaner(no cleaning before she comes).enjoy your new regime and let us know when and where Calendars available.xx ex ex ex

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