Baring All LOL

So last night after a day’s work in the office poor Steve came home and went straight into video checking, editing and uploading mode, bless him. With final checks all done we started to share the video on Facebook but we quickly realised that there was an error in the ‘JustTextGiving’ code, thanks to Sarah who spotted it and then poor Steve spent another frantic hour trying to sort it out. He really is my Mr Wonderful.

There is a full video of me riding my motorbike naked which I won’t share with you lol and when it was made during a holiday in Croatia I never ever thought anyone would see it apart from Steve and I. When deciding to put it in I did think OMG what am I doing sharing this with the world but do you know what? I don’t care anymore. I care about people, life etc of course but poking fun at myself for a great cause is worth the embarrassment to me and if it raises money then it’s all for the good hey.

Talking of money, you have all been so generous and I didn’t expect the response I have received from you all. I honestly thought that asking for Β£1 was enough to ask but I have been so overwhelmed and during the last 24 hours even moved to tears by the comments, donations, the video likes and the all important shares of the video. Thank you all again so much. You lot amaze me.

So back to last night, the video goes up and I am not doing curfew time as I’m playing my favourite game of ‘wack a comment.’ This is because I don’t want to ever not say thank you to people for helping me or to not connect with you all. Rita allows this lol, it’s just for one night Rita and we will be back at it tonight I promise. Had lots of comments about ‘stud muffin’ Pete as he does look super cool in the video and he is coming to see me in September on a planned visit to the UK, just saying girls that tickets will be available but at a price lol.

morning bottle with my mom
Jack’s morning bottle with my mom

We had a very special guest last night who stayed overnight too and that was Richard’s Godson Jack. Now we all say how good babies are to their parents but OMG I have never met a more happy, content ‘no crying’ baby ever! He is only one and such a darling. It was a pleasure to have him and Parker stay with us. My kids were never that happy or well behaved, bad parenting I guess haha. Parker is the one who helped me when I had to get Richard back from Canada and Parker’s wife is friends with Kirsty who works for BHS and we worked together for a short while.

morning cuddles with Rebecca
morning cuddles with Rebecca

I couldn’t resist sending Kirsty a photo with the caption ‘look who is at my house,’ small world hey? I could post so many photos of Jack for you to enjoy as I’ve taken so many. I watched my children play, change him, feed him, cuddle him and I know I shall miss all of this sharing when they have their children and it’s just made me so sad. I helped Rebecca change Jack’s nappy this morning teaching her the way to do it (like riding a bike you never forget.) Who will be there for her and Richard when they have their kids I wonder? Sadness again, I stand to miss out on so much with them and their lives to come.

dressed and sadly ready to leave us. Jack and Richard :-)
dressed and sadly ready to leave us. Jack and Richard πŸ™‚

Okay stop being sad (I say to myself) self pity is not going to help! Today the MDT (multi disciplinary team) have met, they know the results of my scans and will have over coffee and maybe biscuits discussed me, Frankie and Karen. What will our next steps be? And of course Steve and I have to wait until Friday 21st at 3.40 to discover their plan. The waiting game of cancer really is shit. I will of course as ever let you all know the results ‘warts and all,’ that’s the promise.

I have had emails from Frankie as she has seen the blog and I’ll do a more detailed post tomorrow for you as today I am enjoying all the sharing and comments about the video. So proud of everyone for helping me complete it. I hope that it goes viral, not for me or fame or anything like that but because my lovely Goddaughter Beth wants it to be a massive success, to make people laugh, to connect with all cancer sufferers so they know they are not alone and to spread awareness of bowel cancer and how serious it can be in young people.

Talking of bowel cancer, I am contacted maybe twice a week from Jani from theΒ  ‘Beating Bowel Cancer’ charity, another fab volunteer who after a few messages last night ‘bitch slapped’ me about getting my pain under control LOL. I think she may have spoken to Karen Brindle or my hubby or my mom lol. Well anyway her message is so long and full of great advice that I hadn’t replied yet but I will. Thanks for all your support Jani, I do appreciate it.

My mom has returned to the Midlands today until Tuesday ahead of our short break. She doesn’t like not being here and I know she will read this later, looking for any mistakes there may be. Thanks mom for this last week, you are appreciated by us all so much and I know that the last week has been so hard on you. I see it in you but I can’t take the worry away, sorry.

Now this will make you laugh. Rebecca and Richard have been to do the weekly food shopping for me as I can’t walk too well still and Steve is busy working. I compile a typed list by section, in order of the layout of Sainsbury’s, transfer the money and off they go. They ring Steve about every ten minutes with questions but the one that really made Steve and I laugh was the text from Rebecca to say ‘what’s ambient?’ Oh my days lol lol lol.

Well enough for today’s ramblings. Please keep sharing the video so we go viral. Talking of this, earlier today there was a video on Facebook of a man giving his bird a bath in his hands, very cute indeed but it was at 8 million views!! really, how does that work?? I have no idea but if a small bird can go viral then I’m sure my bare arse and my friends gigging should surely deserve more views than that.

Oh and finally before I forget, due to you all the blog has been visited by over 30,000 people across the world. I had a record amount of hits on the blog last night, over 1100 (and I thought nobody would be interested when I started this and was excited when I had 50 hits in one day) and the video has been viewed 1600 times already πŸ™‚ so please keep sharing and viewing to make my Goddaugther’s dream come true πŸ™‚ xxx


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Married to Steve, I have two children - Rebecca and Richard. Steve has two children, Lauren and Chris. Rebecca lives with us (nurse Rebecca) and my mom Judy also has become nurse and housekeeper but lives in the West Midlands. My son is in the Army and comes home when he can. I am 47, born in 1967 and I was told I had bowel cancer on 22nd Feb 2015 and this blog is my journey through it. I hope it helps you as you were the reason I started it.

27 thoughts on “Baring All LOL”

  1. Yes Helen is right. I am on but not sure if I can share it. If you have the U Tube link I could try that but better to have the video to click on x

  2. Wendy you looked great on the motorbike but who was the naked male on the motorbike in front of you. I assume it was Steve and the he also deserves high praise for being so brave. Xxx

    1. Well spotted and yes that was my Mr Wonderful bless him. It was his idea as I would never do that sort of thing normally lol xx

  3. Hi lovely Wendy lady,
    I call you ‘lovely Wendy lady’ as that is how Leanne referred to you when she used to send me around the region to help out with visual, from my store in Woking.
    Our paths crossed and we worked together on a few occasions.
    I’ve wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading and very much enjoying your blog since day one when Leanne first shared it.
    You’re doing a fantastic job getting the message out there Wendy. You, your family and friends should be so proud as I am sure you’re bringing help, advise and inspiration to the people who need it most with your warts n all approach.
    You’re in my thoughts.
    Ps! The Video is brill! X

    1. Hi Rebecca and I hope you are still with the BHS family. Thanks for your comments and glad you like the video. Thanks also for reading my daily ramblings too it’s appreciated very much xx
      Leanne will do and say anything to get people to help her, no shame that one LOL xx

  4. Love this blog, why??
    Because I haven’t heard you say you’ve been in too much pain & you’ve had a happy 24 hrs <3 <3 <3 πŸ™‚ long may it continue.

    Little Jack is adorable all that lovely blonde hair xxx
    I can see he had you all twisted around his little finger xxx I hope you got the opportunity to sink your teeth into that lovely wee bum lol <3

    I think I would be Steves worst nightmare on the technology front lol I am pathetic ha ha ha. Or thick lol x

    What an amazing video you must all be so proud of all the hits your getting in so many countries, a round of applause to you all.

    My prayers & candles will come along on Sunday Evening my lovely as I'm working xxx but your in my heart daily and I will be rooting for you all on Friday for a positive meeting. xxx
    No one deserves it more than you xxx

    Nearly time for curfew, phones & iPads & Lap tops down please and let the family time commence <3

    Love & Hugs Always My Trendy Wendy xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. I’m better Rita, everyday I feel more normal πŸ™‚ last reply to you before curfew time πŸ™‚ cos you are special. I’ll be sending my prayer list soon πŸ™‚ Rebecca and I are going to bake flapjacks in curfew time as the men are watching the Villa game against Man U xx

  5. I still keep laughing at the video, you haven’t mentioned the pain much, so I’m hoping it’s getting easier again, loves ya, xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. I am feeling better everyday πŸ˜‰ so glad that you like the video and that it made you laugh, mission accomplished πŸ™‚ xx

    1. Hi Gayle, thanks and I’m feeling better plus you lot keep me going everyday so thank you for your support xx

  6. Hey wonder women you’ve done it again and totally amazed me and made me cry at the same time my thought today for you is that you organise a naked bike ride to raise money for bowel cancer certainly would beat the pink bras lol I’m so proud of you and honoured to be a part of your journey good and bad and will be picking Daisy’s from Tuesday as we travel through Miami to Orlando and back then onto Mexico for our nephews wedding and I promise to read and share your blog each place we visit I’m sending you extra big juddy hugs to get you through this week just enjoy your precious moments with your loving family and know every minute of every day is precious and you are changing lives Wonder Woman xx Juddy Hugs xx

    1. Glad you are part of the journey and our friendship has lasted so long, very special. Wow what a trip you will be on πŸ™‚ very jealous, have a wonderful time, enjoy every moment. Thanks for your support in sharing the blog and loving the Juddy love, always xx

  7. Hey Wendy.
    We were in the same year at Crestwood, & I know many of the names you mention.. Small world indeed.
    I’ve not commented before, but I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog every day. I didn’t see it from the beginning, so I’m also ‘back reading’ to get the full picture.
    What a brave, feisty, funny girl you are!
    Good luck on the 21st, I know you will have soo many people praying for you (& I more won’t hurt, ay?)

    I lost my 1st husband to bowel cancer (we were divorced at the time) because the silly sod would NOT go to the doctor, because he was too embarrassed!! and so he (and our 2 sons) paid the ultimate price!! So if your blog helps just 1 person, it will be worth it.. so we’ll done black county wench!
    Sending love & prayers from Devon,
    Kaz xx

    1. Are you Caroline Archer? think that was your surname, big red hair into new romantic music? I hope you are otherwise I’ve just insulted you lol.
      Sorry to hear about your 1st hubby, so sad that people won’t get help, that’s one of the problems with bowel cancer as nobody likes to talk about poo and bowels πŸ™ he can’t have been very old either πŸ™ and your poor boys, so sorry.
      Thank you for reading my blog as I just want to help others, spread awareness and hope to make people smile along the way.
      Thanks anyway for contacting me and let me know if I have remembered the right Kaz xx

      1. Haha.. Noo I’m not.. But I do remember her! (Wasn’t she a big Boy George fan? ) I was a shy kid, & didn’t mix well at school (got bullied for it too!) so you won’t remember me, lol. Made me into a fighter in later years though, I can tell ya!
        My hubby was 45 at the time (it’s his 4 yr anniversary tomorrow) he didn’t tell a soul.. was a roller coaster ride at the time because my mum had just finished her 6 month chemo for the same thing!
        I think men find these things harder than women, I suppose we get used to being poked & prodded from an early age what with smears & pregnancy etc.
        Anyway, thanks for sharing your journey with us, I truly think your amazing! Xxx

        1. I’m so sorry I got the wrong person, you don’t have to say your maiden name if you don’t want to that’s fine. So sad about your hubby and now your mom too, what stage is she at? Is she heading for remission? I do hope so, you must be as sick of this shitty disease as I am, but your not alone and together we can all help raise awareness πŸ™‚ xx

          1. Thats ok! ☺
            Mum had just finished her chemo when my ex was given the terminal diagnosis, hence the roller coaster ride.. she’s been clear 5 years now.
            My maiden name was Rollason btw xx

          2. So sorry to hear about your mom, I’ve been told – 2years πŸ™ I’m sure I would remember you if I saw you but the name doesn’t ring a bell, sorry mate but that doesn’t matter as we know each other now πŸ™‚ xx

  8. Lol… It doesn’t matter..I don’t remember you either!
    Mum’s doing really well. .
    On a side note.. over 20 months ago someone very dear to me was “given” 3 months (love that phrase NOT) and she’s still her, fighting hard. In july the oncologist told her he didn’t need to see her for 4 months… so keep at it love, keep the positivity! Xxxx

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