What a mad 24 hrs

Okay so I left you all yesterday as I was cooking for BFF Leanne and the wonderful Andrei to arrive for tea. I’m super excited to have them here in our home. I agree to pace myself with the meal so that I can cope with the cooking. I cook the curry then rest, I cook the rice and then rest and finally I am trying to make home made Peshwari naan breads which I do but as it’s new to me it takes a little longer than planned and so I’m still cooking, flour everywhere and they arrive. I don’t care that I’m not ready and they didn’t either. Greeting done the evening flew by and the conversation flowed beautifully like we had only seen each other recently however sadly it had been 6 years, that took us both by suprise. Old memories of BHS work conference parties and laughter filled our house as we relived precious memories, my meaning of life, sharing precious moments with people I love.

IMG_4827Rebecca was at her weekly maths class and Steve had to go and collect her. Just as he was leaving he asked Andrei if he could be cheeky and asked him if he would help him to carry Mom’s wardrobe door from the garage to the bedroom to help him fit the door. Now I didn’t know he was going to ask him however I could see his logic as after the weekend trauma between two men the job would take less then 15 minutes but with just me for help it would have been maybe hours of struggling and frustration. Andrei agreed and when Steve returned they set to work.

IMG_4830Andrei said that his mom would be proud and so I took photos of them and the fun they had.






BFF helping
BFF helping


IMG_4836Andrei was followed by BFF who got involved in a leg screwing competition against Andrei but Andrei won. Again fun and laughter throughout my house.





IMG_4826 (1)On the serious side of cancer the conversation flowed. Andrei was genuinely surprised and shocked at our story, the NHS shortfalls (not their fault) the charities replacing the NHS service and as I am the same age as his mom he worries more, probably just can’t even contemplate being in my children’s or hubby’s shoes. I wants to help, I can see the empathy and caring in his eyes. After food and DIY we all enjoy pudding with ice cream which Andrei had supplied.

A beautiful evening spent with wonderful people, I cried too much throughout the evening but I am always just so touched by how lucky and blessed I am by the people I know. All too soon the evening was over however Andrei is jealous of the psuedonyms in the blog and wants his own. Now Andrei is super sexy and a Bond Man style operator so we have decided to call him Mr Big after the Bond Film ‘Live and Let Die’ however Andrei thinks it’s his size 11 shoe size that has got him that name lol, lets hope that his mom doesn’t read today’s post hey.

So everyone asleep and I’m on my own playing my favourite game of ‘whack a comment’ it gets to 1.20 am and I thought I’ll just check my bank account to see if the money has gone in as with the Hot Tub coming I’m worried about paying for everything. I check and it’s there, I’m so excited. I quickly pay mom back the money she lent me for daisy den and a few more payments I owed and than I’m not stressed. I stay up until 2.20 am excited about tomorrow and wonder if I will ever be able to sleep. As I lay down the pain started but I didn’t want to take oral morphine and hope that I can sleep through it. I couldn’t believe it when I woke up and it was 6 am, OMG I slept for nearly 4 hours, wonderful.

Steve wakes and we plan our day of madness. Steve has to start work at 12 so breakfast done we set about the morning jobs. The crane arrives at 9 am and Eric sits in his crane waiting for the team to arrive. He comes in for toilet breaks and coffee occasionally. The electrician arrives to fit the new outdoor wiring, the internet man arrives to switch over the broadband connection and our house becomes a sea of madness as the pool arrives too. The street is awash with vehicles, crane and workmen, our poor neighbours.

I recieve a parcelled gift from the Juddies, so thoughtful, thank you. Then in the afternoon I recieved a beautiful gift from Louise, it’s a love sphere and inside was a beautiful necklace with a pendant ball of daisies on it. Now how spoiled am I today? Blessed beyond belief and I cried on and off for 3 hours as these people all came together to make my dreams come true. Thank you all.

I also had a call from the wonderful Marina from Ian Rennie this moring. She has organised for me to see a top pain specialist on Monday at Wycombe Hospital to get my medication under control working with the Oncologist team to help me. This is a charity! How amazing is all that? Marina you are a star and thank you so so much.

So the hot tub is in and heating up. I am completely knackered and going to try to shut my eyes for an hour as it’s been so mad here. I can’t wait to get into the hot tub but the temperature is only at 22 degrees and so it maybe tomorrow before I can use it but I just can’t wait. So I’ll sign off as I am tired but so happy and what a mad 24 hours we have had.

Here are a selection of photo’s from our mad day.

IMG_4843 IMG_4845 IMG_4847 IMG_4852

And finally, Daisy Den has a delivery date confirmed for Friday, 23rd October, and film of the crane will be coming soon.



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Married to Steve, I have two children - Rebecca and Richard. Steve has two children, Lauren and Chris. Rebecca lives with us (nurse Rebecca) and my mom Judy also has become nurse and housekeeper but lives in the West Midlands. My son is in the Army and comes home when he can. I am 47, born in 1967 and I was told I had bowel cancer on 22nd Feb 2015 and this blog is my journey through it. I hope it helps you as you were the reason I started it.

25 thoughts on “What a mad 24 hrs”

  1. I’m so pleased you had a lovely evening and so good Steve got some help that’s what friends are for nobody mines helping. Fantastic got your hot tub and daisy den is coming soon. I think you will have to start a diary so we don’t all turn up at once I hope you have a lovely evening and manage to sleep again sending my love and hugs for you all. XXX

    1. Hi Mary, it’s been a good good day, It’s caused me pain again but it’s all been worth it 🙂 Diary is probably a good idea too as I’ve invited everyone round I think lol lol xx

  2. Oooo Hot Tub fun at the weekend then. I bet you can’t wait.
    You have such amazing friends. I wish some of my colleagues were as empathetic….I have a saying at work “trust no-one” too many times I’ve been stabbed in the back. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer is another one. So lucky lady all this love coming your way I think that is a blessing in itself. I guess lucky in love is OK…..but I keep putting the bloody cancer out of my mind. (Sorry uncle Alan I pinched your catch bloody phrase). Bloody cancer stealing Wendy’s thunder how bloody dare you.
    Anyway I’m positive in that you are going to have lots of Hot Tub fun and where Chemo Gazebo ended this is a new chapter…..now for a nickname for it eh????
    Xxxxx Tracy Xxxxxxx

    1. Yes Tracy, hot tub needs a name, any ideas. So looking forward to using it, I’ll be in it tomorrow and this weekend Richard is home so I’m super excited as I know he will love it too, fun times ahead and cancer can just piss off for a few days hey 🙂 xx

  3. I bet you cant wait for the tub to get to the required temperature, bet you will be ready and waiting. you won’t want to wait for morning. hope it’s all you want it to be, pain free is the ultimate
    prize, where all looking forward to your blog tomorrow. xxx

    1. Tomorrow’s blog will just be of me prune like selfies lol, Daisy Den is coming too, so super excited as it’s all coming together and then you can come down and play with it all with me :-))) xxx

  4. Oh wen I’m so glad you got a decent nights sleep. After such a lovely evening with great friends too. I can’t believe the hot tub is in. Brilliant!!! Can’t wait to try it and also the next time we come Daisy Den will be up too! Amazing!!! I feel I should make a booking to stay at yours now. It’s got everything I look for in a hotel. Lol!!! Loads of love to you all. Xxx

    1. Reasonable rates can be arranged for very very very special people in my life. Can’t wait for you to see it and us enjoy it together with the kids hey, fun times ahead even if it’s cold we will be toasting away :-)) xx

  5. WOW OMG !!!!!! It looks amazing 🙂 my goodness you have had a busy day my sweet x

    So pleased you had a wonderful evening with BFF & and the ever so Handsome Andrei, not changed a bit in fact the years have been kind to him he’s gained maturity and got even more handsome, Bless 🙂
    I also notice BFF was project managing lol x

    So pleased Mr Wonderful asked for help 🙂 that’s what friends are for x
    The Judy Den is going to look amazing I loved the chair, how posh 🙂 x

    Now the Hot Hub looks fantastic 🙂 so much so I’m gonna buy a wee cozzy and climb in with a glass of wine of course 🙂 book me in for an overnight stay first week in November 🙂 jumping up and down with excitement lol x
    On a serious note I hope you have wonderful release Sweetcheeks from pain in your ultra modern super duper fantastic Hot Hub you deserve it
    And get me booked into The Guys house of love & Daisy gathering xxxxxxx<3xxxxxxx

    Now that everything is coming to fruition maybe you will have more good nights sleep time as you will not be fretting so much wanting for all your plans to come together xxx

    The Ian Renni team are FANTASTIC Thank God pain management on Monday xxx hopefully with seeing a pain management specialist they will get this pain under control xxx at long last.

    The long awaited Daisy Den is coming Hip Hip Horray , we have a date 🙂
    More excitement on build & decoration , happy days are coming x

    Lots of rest tonight is the order of the evening as you have had 2 busy full on days and it will have taken it out of you x
    Enjoyed our wee chat today <3<3<3

    Love, hugs & Kisses Always xxxxx

    1. Oh my angel as ever all said in your comments. Life is good and apart from the pain I’m really happy that it’s all coming together, whatever time I have with my loved ones will be precious and you are welcome at the Guy resident happy hotel anytime xxx

  6. Wow, you hot some good sleep, I am glad, the hot tubs looks great,
    Glad you had a lovely night with your friends last night,

    Love to you as always, xxxxxxxxx sleep tight tonight, xxxxxxxxx

  7. That hot tub looks lovely hope you enjoy Wendy and great news Daisy Den will be there soon…you enjoy girl xxxx

  8. Dearest Wendy!

    Thank you for an unforgettable evening! An absolute pleasure seeing you. I don’t think you realise just how many people you are touching with your strength and courage. I’ve been telling everyone about your story today, and as promised will continue to do so!

    The jacuzzi looks amazing I bet the neighbours are jealous?!

    P.s thank you for my new name. Remember …it’s ALL about the shoe size!!!! Ha!

    Lots of love

    ‘Mr Big’


    1. Well hello there Mr Big! what a wonderful time we had and thanks for your support, if we can just save one person all of this would have been worth it. I hope you liked the photos and your mom was impressed with your skills, but it’s all about the shoe size, secret is safe with me mate, lots of love to you xx

  9. Fantubstic Nudes! Oops Fantastic news what a whirlpool of activity. Can’t wait to hear news of the tub and hope it really helps

  10. Think a Mr Big was in ‘Sex in the City’ too?
    So when I visit at Christmas if I bring my ‘cossie’ can I have a glass of Mulled Wine in the hot tub and a mince pie in the Daisy Den with photos in both?
    I’ll bring you some choccie biscuits (yes that’s a blatant bribe, I have no shame…not after you know what. ..lol) Love to all xxx
    P.s. A HUGE Thank you to everyone involved with installing your hot tub today.

    1. All of the above at Christmas for you my secret IOW agent mate, looking forward to serving you your treats at Christmas time 🙂 xxx

    1. Pizza and Hot Tub party will officially mark it’s opening, I’ll buy a ribbon but she needs a name, any idea’s mate xx oh and Steve is just excited about the Pizza on that night, gotta love him hey, bless him xx

  11. Yoh ded posh wendy, glad yo got the tub and with the daisy den yome gonna be like the queen.
    Enjoy the comfort of the bubbles

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