Well that didn’t work :-(

Yummy tea and cake was had by all as BFF Leanne came round. I could taste food again which has been a problem for over a week now, so happy to have my taste back that I think I have eaten my entire body weight in cake! It was lovely to see Leanne as I should have seen her at the weekend but as you all know I ‘hit the wall’ and I didn’t go the the planned function.  So we didn’t stick to the family curfew time last night as I was excited to hear all your views on the ‘Name of the Log Cabin game’ and so I started my favourite game of ‘wack a comment’ early.

Now lots of you voted for Wendy’s House’ but sadly due to the Trades Description Act of 1985, section 3, paragraph 6 it can’t be named Wendy’s House as it’s not a house by definition. So that’s the trades description legal action covered off, plus I didn’t like it LOL. You will have to read until the end of this post to find out the new name.

At midnight Steve goes to bed and I search the net for soft furnishing and start to plan the interior decor which I enjoyed doing. At 2 am I took the increased dose of Amitriptyline and at 2.30 am I head off to bed.  Amitriptyline is actually a sleeping tablet but it is known to tackle nerve pain too. I was told by Marina yesterday that it may take a few days to work. Sleep was again not easy due to the pain and at 4.45 am I am awake again and in pain. I can’t take any pain killers until 6 am so I hit the oral morphine not only for the pain but the hope that I may fall asleep again but no that didn’t work either.

At 5 am before sunrise I set up my bed in the chemo gazebo and lie hoping for the pain to ease and sleep but no that didn’t work either so it’s now still dark, 5.30 am and I’m starting my days ramblings. At 5.45 I take my 6 am pain killers and I hope to sleep soon. I not giving up on the new drug schedule as I have to give it time to work.

So back to some bits I missed from yesterday’s post

Drugs – now when I spoke to Marina about what I was taking for pain I shared my frustration of always taking tablets and one drug is taken to combat another. For example as I was taking cocodamol which slows the body right down I then start to bloat and I have to take laxatives. She agrees for me to stop the cocodamol and the new drug regime is now alternating every 3 hours between 2 x 500mg paracetamol and 1 x 600mg Ibuprofen with 2 x10 mg of  Amitriptyline at night. Oral morphine is used throughout the day and night if need for break through pain, hence me hitting the morphine so early today.

Frankie update – great news from her (Rita your prayers are being answered) and this is the email I received 2 days ago.

Hi Wendy,
So pleased to hear from you and to know they’re getting your new chemo sorted. I do think of you so often and hope that the pain you were suffering is now under control. Sorry to hear about your lovely hair – you’re such a stunning. Lady so,time for some flamboyant headgear when the times right for you. Time to make a statement and you can carry it off.
I had a CT scan and my first review which was very positive and reassuring. They’re not sure now whether the metastasis on the lung are indeed lesions or just scar tissue as not much has changed there, but the liver is showing no increase in number and the ones there appear to be shrinking. The bowel is more difficult to see, but the radiologist suggests that the bowel wall is thickening again which is a good sign and there is no further deterioration. I came away feeling very positive and ready to fight a further 4 sessions. I have found chemo 4 the most difficult and even this chemo free week I still feel so tired and lethargic. Everything seems such an effort, but then I’ve been in and out of the chemo wards with scans, interviews, PICC lines and flush apps. This Wednesday I’m back at Wycombe for a blood sample and flush then Friday chemo 5.
The PICC line as you said took far longer than I had anticipated, but it’s fine. Just a pain having to go to the hospital every Wednesday for a flush through, but then if it makes my life less stressful every Friday Chemo day then it’s worth it. Last time they took half an hour to get the line In and I’m still bruised!!
Had a great Birthday day with lunch with friends and a family lunch on Sunday with Barns, Lara and the boys. Always love their cuddles – makes my heart sing and know all I’m going through is so they can spend time and be naughty boys with Granny!! I’ve booked my train ticket for the 29th September to Cornwall so I see Jess and Tally for a week. I’m so excited to see them both settled into their new home and life.
Take care my friend, keep positive and never loose your wonderful sense of humour – it’s a necessity in order to make our brains laugh and chase our demons away.
Xx Frankie

Thank you to the anonymous donation of £20 yesterday whoever you are I appreciate it and thanks to Sheere Lee another member of the BHS family for your donation too. We have now raised £2605 so far towards supporting a fantastic charity.

Talking of charity don’t forget the awareness day on Saturday 26th September in the Eden Centre, High Wycombe from 9 am – 6 pm . Marina from the Ian Rennie team has said she will come and help. Mary from the High Wycombe BHS store is also going to come for a few hours on her day off. Sex Kitten may come, oh and Cath you can bring the kids with you and they can join in the fun by wearing the funny bum shorts. Anyone else who wishes to join us for whatever time you can spare is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to those of you who have sent in your calendar photos it’s really coming together and is Steve’s little project. Please send them through to him as soon as you can so that this can be completed and we can start to take pre orders in time for Christmas. what a fabulous gift this will make for your loved ones and it raises money for Beating Bowel Cancer too. Steve has a marketing plan for it so please get the photos in to him, thank you.

The petition is going well and it is now being signed by people who I don’t know which means that your friends are signing and sharing it, excellent. If you haven’t signed it yet go to http://tinyurl.com/oz3pq7a and then please share it with your friends to sign. We are only asking for equality in screening for bowel cancer from the age of 50 like they do currently in Scotland.

1000056230_mainSo enthused with the log cabin coming mom and I head off this morning to buy soft furnishings. We went to Dunelm in Reading as they have daisy style bedding. All disabled parking was taken but to be fair to them they did have wheelchairs available at the front door. This is good as I took mine with me but mine has to be pushed, theirs you can wheel yourself. I’m now completely broke and brought everything with a daisy on it. Bed linen, throws, jugs, biscuit barrel, cups, love hearts and much much more. I’m so excited now and my dining room is now full of all the soft furnishings for it. Here is a picture of the bedding from the range, we of course have matching curtains too 🙂 nest building is so much fun, or is that just a girl thing?

Last night when BFF Leanne was round for dinner we discussed if I was going to be able to attend the BHS Autumn Winter Conference which is on 30th September this year. So due to my bad night of sleep I sent Amanda (HR) an email at around 6 am saying that I would love to come but I would need so much help that if it was too difficult it didn’t matter. I wouldn’t go and I wouldn’t be offended. I have again been so supported by by BHS family it just amazes me. They are letting me stay the night before in a disabled room so that I can be okay for the actual day. As hubby will have to drive me they are also letting him stay with me the Tuesday night so that he can help me get settled in. Thank you so much Amanda and James at HO who are helping me to be part of the company that I am so proud to work for. You both made my day, that and the daisy soft furnishings 🙂

And finally the name of the log cabin will be……………… ‘Daisy Den’

Thanks for all your votes on the name and some of the wonderful other suggestions which made me laugh were, She Shed and Poo Corner LOL




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Married to Steve, I have two children - Rebecca and Richard. Steve has two children, Lauren and Chris. Rebecca lives with us (nurse Rebecca) and my mom Judy also has become nurse and housekeeper but lives in the West Midlands. My son is in the Army and comes home when he can. I am 47, born in 1967 and I was told I had bowel cancer on 22nd Feb 2015 and this blog is my journey through it. I hope it helps you as you were the reason I started it.

41 thoughts on “Well that didn’t work :-(”

  1. I will search the net and try and get daisy fabric for your bunting. I can get it made in time for your big daisy den opening. Perfect. Take care my sweet. Xxx

  2. Love Daisey Den, you’ll have to see if you can get a sign for out side, ‘Daisey Den’, I can’t wait to see it all finished, it is great to have a project on the go I love it, it’s gonna look amazing,
    Just hold on in there, fingers crossed this new regime is going to work, you’re on that many tablets you’ll soon change the name to Drug Den, hahaha, this is only a joke,
    Love to you all as always,xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Excellent I’ll let him know. I didn’t know you were doing a photo but excellent I look forward to seeing the photo’s :-))) xxx

    1. Yes it is and I’m happy with the name 🙂 I indeed to pick loads of daisies in my den. You have to come and visit when it’s finished 🙂 xx

  3. So glad to hear you’re going to the conference
    I’ll be able to give you a hug from the Isle of Wight team ❤️❤️
    Also loving the daisy den..it sounds perfect! ❤️

    1. Oh excellent it will be lovely to meet you. I’ll be the one being pushed about, oh the shame 🙁 Looking forward to meeting you xx

  4. Wendy
    I never thought of daisy den but it so works….I will be looking for everything daisy when I get home as would love to contribute to the interior with a little something from me to you.
    You sound so positive and it’s good to hear. BHS are certainly looking after you which also makes me happy as working for a large corporation we can become lost in HR hierarchy.
    Look forward to the next installment of Daisy Dens Decoration.
    Lots of love Tracy xxxxxxx

    1. Oh bless you that would be lovely and then I can think of you when I look at it, anything daisy is fine 🙂 glad you like the name too xx

  5. Wow so exciting out shopping for Daisy Den I LOVE THE NAME 🙂

    So very happy you will be at our conference and we get to have a day & evening together <3 <3<3
    Of course our BHS Family include you, you are part of us:-) and a great embassador for our Company you are too xxx

    Amitriptyline is a good drug and used for many reasons, I take it each night as a preventative for migraines, I suffer dreadfully with them and the medication helps getting so many but they do knock me out lol.
    I have to get to bed within 10 minutes of taking them as I'm out within 30 mins tops lol. Hopeless.com 🙂
    Yes give it a few days to kick in and make sure to go to bed as soon as you take them because if you hang around you can agitate your body xxx

    That is fantastic news from Frankie x I am so so pleased 🙂 fingers crossed & prayers & candles will continue for Frankie, Karen & your beautiful self of course 🙂 <3<3<3

    Well my sweet hoping you have a lovely evening and a peaceful nights sleep.
    Big slobbery Kisses and Huge Hugs of Love xxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks my angel as ever and glad you like the name. Those tablets don’t knock me out at all and I wonder if you are on a higher dose? We will be together again soon which is really exciting for me to look forward too xx

    1. LOL I know fabulous hay and Mr Grey is bringing me home. I have been allowed to pick 9 people I want to sit with me so it’s you, me, rita, gill, jurgita, mr grey, mr vines, mother hen and Elaine. I think we will have to call us the naughty table lol xxx

  6. Please tell all at BHS I’m so amazed at their generosity and support that I shall definitely buy BHS whenever I can in future. What a marvellous company, because it’s not exactly as if you’d been working for them for 40 years.

    Now if you’re going to be Daisy Den you have to join The Unofficial WI page on FB as our badge is a daisy. Go on, https://www.facebook.com/groups/UnofficialWomensInstitute/ You’d enjoy it! You don’t have to be a member bug it does help to be a bit nutty

    Love the bit of your blog which implies morphine isn’t a pain killer :-). Keep up the blog, we’ll read it on holiday. Xxxxxxxxx

  7. Wow I feel like a celeb getting a mention in the world famous blog so glad to have helped organise for you to come, I know so many people will love to see you! I can’t imagine why we would call your table the naughty tablexx

    1. Thank you for all your help to make this possible for me and I think we are defo going to be the naughty table lol. Your mention and thank you was the least I could do, thank you xx

  8. Wend
    Great name. Glad you got out shopping today. Hope you didn’t shop till you drop though. Lol. Good news about Frankie !! I will now be looking for all things ‘daisy’ Loads of love to you all. Xxx

    1. You can’t move in the house for daisy stuff here, can’t wait for you to see it all and I’m just menu planning for the weekend :-))) xx

  9. hi Wendy, I take amitriptylene every night and have done for years, as you may know one of the symptoms of fibromialgia is not sleeping. I take 2 X 50mg a night, they are not sleeping tablets they are antidepressants. my doctor would not give me sleeping tablets as they are addictive. I take them a couple of hours before bed time I then go straight to sleep. I take co-dydamol for pain and they are very good. I can take up to 8 tablets a day but I try not to take them, the least tablets the better.
    great to hear about the new Daisy Den when Nicky and I come to see you again I want it to be the highlight of our visit. can’t wait.

    1. I can’t wait to have you hear to see it all finished :-))) super excited and glad you like the name. You are on a high dose then I am, how do you get on with not being able to drink whilst you take them? xx

  10. Great news about Frankie and more donations, and I can tell in this post that you’ve found a surge of energy and drive from this new project of yours Wend! :0)
    A new project with the added bonus of some retail therapy…..? what’s a girl to do..?!!! (The fact that you actually chose the name made me quite teary-eyed.) x
    Fab deco too! Just think how gorgeous it’s going to be in the middle of winter with all of those bright, sunny daisies smiling back at you?! :0)

    Much love and hugs to you.

    x <3

    1. Thanks Paulette and glad you like the chosen name. I loved it from the start 🙂 retail therapy is excellent but only if you have money LOL. So pleased for Frankie too 🙂 I intend to pick lots of daisies in there 🙂 xx

  11. Hi Wendy,
    You don’t know me, but Louise shares your blog with me every day (which I love reading) and to be honest I have wanted to comment a few times but have never known what to say. Yesterday I thought I would put my suggestion in to name your new cabin but didnt really think it was my place to do so, love Daisy Den by the way, my suggestion would have been “Booty Bunk”!
    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I think you are one very strong chick and I hope your pain gets easier and more bearable every day.

    1. Any friend of Louise is a friend of mine. Please don’t think twice about contacting me ever as it’s you lot that give me strength to carry on. Doing my blog gives me a focus and it’s a trail of love for my loved ones. Thank you for finally being brave and leaving your comment as it means so much to me xx

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