The ‘Name’ Game

Oh how I love you lot! Yesterday’s post goes up and within the hour you are all at it (ooh er missus) I mean the name game for the log cabin. Somebody even tells me off for listing some of the best ideas! I read some of the suggestions to mom and Steve. Steve then comes up with ‘The Blog Cabin’ which I loved or perhaps “Blog Lodge?’ And then Paulette sent me the suggestion of ‘The Daisy Den’ as she thinks it’s more positive. Rita and Tammy like ‘Wendy House’ so here is the shortlist and I thought that I’d let you all vote. Tomorrow I can reveal the winner, but sadly there won’t be any prizes like a free holiday or family car, we just don’t have the budget lol.

The short list: Blog Cabin, Daisy Den, Wendy’s House, Blog Lodge

Now the messages start flooding in with ideas of parties in the Log Cabin during winter. Hilary has ideas of mince pies, mulled wine and of course our favourite Stilton and port, sounds great to me. This starts Steve off again and says that we could open it up at Christmas for the local kids as a Santa’s grotto and that Molly could be dressed up as a reindeer (Molly seemed unfazed by this idea) Then he thinks we should get a local celebrity to officially open it when it’s complete, all this is making me laugh. Then mom reminds me that everyone will have to have their photos taken again as it’s now going to replace the due to retire Chemo Gazebo. You all start thinking the same and messages start flooding in with excited outfits planned and re-visits to our home for the first photo opportunities. What are you lot like? I love it.

My mom says that a photo should be taken of the old chemo gazebo as all photo’s are taken from the outside looking in and people don’t really know what it’s like. I think that you will all be disappointed as it really is only a Β£20 cheap gazebo from B&Q that Steve brought as a prototype to see if it worked for me throughout the summer, he never dreamt of it’s untold fame. Photo’s will be taken for you as I also want the memories. It is now on it’s last legs and the winds yesterday have bent the cheap metal legs even more, it’s tied to bricks but it really is heading for it’s end of days πŸ™

I suggest that we should invite Dawn French to re-enact the nativity scene in from the ‘Vicar of Dibley.’ Steve start looking out of the window and I ask if he is looking for the ‘Star of Bethlehem’. Mom then gets excited about outside lighting and filling the garden full of lanterns and Christmas tree style lights. All excellent ideas. We are going to take lots of photo’s during it’s construction so you can all be part of the mighty erection! I even suggest that a naked bum shot of it being built should be in the Christmas Calendar, well why not? Steve then reminds me that I haven’t warned the builders about my blog and that poor Frank will be in for a shock as if he does a bad job the world wide web will be his audience never mind trust a trade reviews hey!

So curfew time tonight, yes we still do it every night. Last night was a game called Boggle, have you played it? It’s a good word game and Steve of course wins but Rebecca came second. We played in the dinning room and I asked Steve what the measurements were of the room to get an idea of the interior size of the log cabin. It’s going to be bigger than my dining room at 14×10 so a mighty erection indeed.

Last night I spent an hour chatting to Jani from Beating Bowel Cancer. She has been a constant source of information and support. She is angry at the prognosis that I have been given as she feels that it contributes to your mental ability to cope in dark days on chemo, she is right of course. She also like me despairs at young lives being lost as doctors miss the diagnosis of bowel cancer so often and people die too young. How do we educate people? She believes that hard hitting posters with true life stories is the way to go. I agree as nothing stops you in your tracks more than hearing about a 26 year old girl who dies 8 months from diagnosis as she was being treated for IBS by her doctor.

Steve is going into the office today whilst mom is down for a break from me and the stress of looking after me. I have a lovely chat with my dear friend Lorraine for about an hour. She requested the poo test at her doctors and her doctor was shocked that she had. She was told that in England we don’t screen until 60 years of age and that they don’t do this earlier as they don’t like to uncover health problems!!! This is a disgrace! My ex ex ex ex boss Dorothy Goswell from Debenhams once said some very wise words to me which I have never forgotten and which I repeated to Lorraine today, here are her wise words. Every year we don’t think about spending Β£100’s of pounds on our cars so that they are in good working order and they have an MOT so we do we view our bodies differently, shouldn’t we all have a health MOT? Lorraine agreed as Ant her hubby is a London Taxi driver, a good point well made I think.

With a visit due at 10.30 from an Ian Rennie nurse I decided I should at least have a shower. Now normally I have Steve to help me but I’m on my own today (well there is my mom but I spare her the pleasure) Most people go to the shower/bath with a rubber duck and girlie smellies, me I go armed with cling film and masking tape. I have to cover my PICC line and keep it dry. Now there’s a challenge that should be in a game show, wrap an arm in cling film with only one hand, hilarious! I manage to get it covered and I head for the shower. now we need to talk body hair here, so men stop reading. I used to wax and at least keep my hedges trimmed (if you get the analogy) my garden is so overgrown and it’s taken on an 80’s style which would actually be long enough to plait. Oh the shame of it. So armed with hedge cutters (a razor) I start pruning. Now although the tumour in the right side of my groin has stopped hurting the area is still completely numb to the touch, this makes the job very hard indeed as you can’t feel the pressure you are applying. So I’ve had a go at it anyway and feel less overgrown but I do miss the simpicilty of being waxed. Oh well if I lose my hair at least this won’t be a problem hey.

IMG_4462Marina came at around 10.30, good job I had just had a shower as I looked a bit of a state before she arrived. She stayed about 1 1/2 hours and of course she had to have the famous chemo gazebo picture shot. She was like Suzanne completely lovely and supportive beyond belief. We put the worlds to right on Macmillan and the NHS. She has altered my drugs to help with the pain and this will please my mate Jani from Beating Bowel Cancer who spent an hour with me last night discussing pain relief options. Suzanne told her all about me and the blog so she is prepared for me and has read about my weekend of despair. She is also a fan of Peter Andre so she has passed all the tests now πŸ™‚ She isn’t Irish like Suzanne but I think that Rita would still approve.

Must leave you all now as I have a coffee and walnut, lemon drizzle cake and Pork schnitzels to cook as BFF Leanne is heading to us for her tea, yum yum

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Married to Steve, I have two children - Rebecca and Richard. Steve has two children, Lauren and Chris. Rebecca lives with us (nurse Rebecca) and my mom Judy also has become nurse and housekeeper but lives in the West Midlands. My son is in the Army and comes home when he can. I am 47, born in 1967 and I was told I had bowel cancer on 22nd Feb 2015 and this blog is my journey through it. I hope it helps you as you were the reason I started it.

37 thoughts on “The ‘Name’ Game”

  1. You sound better again today wen. So glad! Did you ask about the sickness tablets today? Hope all is well now on the drug front. Lots of love to you all. Xx

  2. You sound so much better Wendy you can really tell in this blog, I think the cabin should be called Wendy’s House as you are such an inspiration to us all and if course we all had a Wendy house as kids lol, much love as always x x

    1. Oh thanks πŸ™‚ and I’m glad to be getting back to normal, Steve is super pleased too. Thanks for the vote on the name xx

  3. TOLD YOU WENDY WOULD BE BACK,nothing keeps her down for long.Thanks for quoting me but you know 80percent of those who get the poo test don’t do it cos it’s not very nice, but neither is bowel cancer so you must nag the over 60s to use it and the NHS to offer it to everyone, you bossy bird. My suggestion for the cabin NOOKIE NOOK knowing you.Love as always ex ex ex B xxxxxxx

    1. Love the Nookie Nook but not much Nookie going on sadly lol and yes I’m back, cancer is going to take everything from me. See I remember all your wise words πŸ™‚ xx

  4. What a lovely Blog πŸ™‚ very enjoyable to hear you so upbeat x
    I am very excited about the Log Cabin which I have to say, I agree with Louise WENDY’s HOUSE <3 it just feels so appropriate & you πŸ™‚ however I like the other names too lol
    So I'll be happy with whatever one you choose lol x

    Good Girl sorting out your rain forest ha ha ha πŸ™‚
    You crack me up xxx

    I am pleased to see the medication has been under review and hopefully Marina has you on track, πŸ™‚ I shall give my approval when I know she has done a good job and suitably resolved your pain nightmare:-)

    And fine dining with BFF πŸ™‚ a grand end to a good day, enjoy x

    Huge Love & Hugs Always xxxxxxx

    1. It was a rain forest indeed and I’m glad to be back, pain is okay but still there but increasing medication from tonight so we will see. I even baked two cakes today with help so next time you come diet or no diet its cake for you my angel xx

      1. I will eat the cake I promise πŸ™‚
        I know the pain isn’t away, away my sweet x
        But to find some release is a blessing so you can feel focused and in control is a good place to start hey:-)
        Love you wee woman xxx

  5. I can just feel how much better you must be feeling by this blog, your back making me smile again, bless you, I like Wendy’s house, but I like ‘B’Log Cabin too,
    Don’t forget you’ll have to get some bunting up and make it all pretty, get a cork board too and you can put all the photos in of the famous chemo gazebo as we can’t forget that,
    My last project was to to turn my summer house in to a she shed, it’s great, all painted inside, bunting, plaques , net curtain, table and chair , carpet, 1950’s radio, flowers in vases, there’s loads I love it, it’s my shabby chic shed,
    This will be something for you to focus on, can’t wait to see it,
    I could not get to sleep last night thinking of names for it,
    Thinking of you always, love you loads, Tammy, xxxxx

    1. Wow I love the sound of your ‘she shed’ love that name too and I have a design plan I just need to find the stuff, love the famous photo wall idea, fabulous idea xxx

  6. Hello Wendy

    I have some late entries….

    Chez Wen
    Chateau Relaxeau
    Bedside Manor
    Casa Costalotta
    …and because you’re always telling us not to be ashamed…The House at Poo Corner

    and my favourite….The Blodge

  7. I quite like daisy lodge / cottage / cabin / den etc as it links so closely to your daisy theme in here. A reminder to all to take that time out, to appreciate the simple things, to see the smallest beauty hidden within vast places as daisies are in fields. Only visible & able to be appreciated when time is taken to stoop down to admire them.

  8. Have the polls closed? Blog Cabin is my vote, I love it! What a lovely post, Wendy, I’ve so enjoyed reading this. When we are back I’m going to see if I can get Bucks WI campaigning for earlier tests for bowel cancer. Hope to keep up with you from Darkest Exmoor! (Think the chemo gazebo might take itself down today, Wednesday, if the weather forecast is right!)

    1. It’s rained all day πŸ™ hope you have a fabulous holiday and thanks for trying to help via the WI, happy holidays xx

  9. Me breaking in my technology virginity and I needed a lot of help from Hilary. I have read a lot but the obvious choice is ‘The Wendy House’,

    See you soon with more cake which is great for me as Hilary sometimes gets to cut a small portion and leave it at home. Date and Toffee cake all gone.

  10. I like The Blodge or Daisy Cottage!
    You are going to have so much fun kitting out this cabin! The possibilities are endless!

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