Referred, Rejoice and Reunions

Returning home yesterday following my lunch date with Karen. Steve had taken a call from the local hospice and I had to call them back. My blog took priority so I finished my post and then phoned the hospice. Now I was referred via my doctors last week so I was expecting a call or letter. I was happy to be referred as I was hoping to get help for Rebecca, Steve and my mom if she wanted it. Notice I don’t include Richard in this list but at this point I think he would just say no thanks and turn to Louise and his mates for support. But at least if I’ve made contact then it can include him if ever he needs help. Anyway I didn’t expect the call to be so jolly cos if you think of hospices I don’t know about you but I think of it being the last place you sleep if you lose the fight, anyway let me explain why the call was such fun.

The phone was answered by an Irish sounding woman. I said hello and could I speak to Sharon. Now for the rest of this paragraph you have to read it in an Irish accent. She said “is that Wendy?” Wow I hadn’t given her my name yet, so this is impressive, “yes” I said.ย  The lady explained that Sharon had told her that I would be calling to make an appointment with her. I said “I love your Irish accent, it reminds me of a dear friend of mine,” and I then proceeded to give her Rita’s best lines. So in an Irish accent I said “for fecks sake” (now swearing in an Irish accent is probably not the best way to make a good first impression LOL) and Rita’s other line “for the sweet love ofย  Jesus.” The lady laughed and said that I should also say to Rita “for the love of a Lamb” now what does this mean Rita? She offered me a few appointment times, 2.30 was my favourite as this is so funny. 3.45 is just not as funny as 2.30 in an Irish accent.ย  She had to confirm the time a few times and I just smiled to myself as she spoke. I asked if I needed to bring proof of having cancer (I think I’m remembering the Army and the need for verification). Now she laughed and said “no just bring yourself.” So the appointment is booked but I tell her that I’ll just want to spend all my time listening to her talk and not Sharon unless she is Irish too.

Another thing from yesterday that I missed out was Rod Stewart as my Aunty Shelia had brought me a CD of his greatest hits. She said that nobody could be sad whilst listening to ‘if you want my body and you think I’m sexy!’ I know this isn’t the title of the song but it’s how she sang the song to me, and we both laughed. Well your right Aunty Shelia, the CD is now loaded into my iTunes and that track has gone into the chemo gazebo playlist and you have to smile as you sing it, even mom was at it. Another gift from my Aunty Shelia was a really difficult jigsaw. I don’t do jigsaw’s as they require patience and that’s just not me but it is my mom. Well mom has finished it and here is the proof.

Well done mom
Well done mom

Another thing I forgot to mention was that Richard took his sister out for a meal on Monday, wow! They spent some quality time together, sharing moments, this is them on their way out, my special things. I think you can tell that Richard didn’t want his photo taken in the first shot but then tried to smile as Rebecca is just happy to be going out with her little brother.



After publishing my post yesterday, I was so tired I fell asleep again. The sad thing was that Richard had to leave to go back to base and I didn’t get to say goodbye. Sorry Richard and it was such I comfort to have you here for a few days.

So the first bit is about the ‘Referral’ part of the post. ‘Rejoice‘ is about seeing the best in everything at the moment. Laughing at poo conversations with Karen, singing ‘do you think I’m sexy’, sharing another day with my family, finding humour in most things. Laughter should be prescribed. I’m still waiting for Rhod Gilbert to contact me about doing a rant on cancer for me as Steve sent a link to his Twitter feed but no contact yet ๐Ÿ™

I also laughed as I had a private message tonight from Russia. I thought we had broken into the iron Curtain, maybe President Putin was reading my blog! Sadly not, Evrim is on holiday there and still reads my blog daily. Evrim I should explain was our first au-pair. She is lovely and spent time living with us and she helped me raise my special things.

Reunion‘ is about seeing my team….

I’m awake as usual at 6 am. Feed cat, coffee, fag and today a chocolate, another gift from my cousin Nicky following her visit. I’m worried because I haven’t arranged a time to meet today and I couldn’t text Emma last night as it was in the curfew time. So I’ll just have to wait until it’s a reasonable time before I contact her. So I start as I often do when I’m up early on my project work, for work.

My mom and I go to our local hospital for bloods to be taken ahead of chemo on Friday. Mom has never seen how I’m fast tracked through the deli style cheese counter system of today 25 people waiting. She is impressed with the way I’m treated, straight through and out again within minutes. However she experiences the look of disgust from the others waiting, as I do look healthy. But as I’ve said before none of them would swap with me if they knew would they?

Parking at our local hospital is a nightmare. I also stood under the entrance barrier walking towards the hospital once parked and it came down and hit me on the head! Steve says he is worried about my sanity as I tried to condition my hair with body moisturising cream, I switched off the slow cooker by mistake when cooking a meal recently and now I’m walking under barriers!

With visitors arriving soon Mom and I go for fresh bread and cakes. can you believe all those cheesecakes have been eaten? I buy a whole chicken for hot chicken sandwiches, yummy. We return home to wait for them to arrive. I’m so excited that I’m out the front waiting for them, my team, my friends. Now I’ve not seen them for a few weeks although we do keep in touch weekly via text and phone calls. But receiving hugs (real hugs, full of love) is something else. I tell them no tears and lead them into the now famous chemo gazebo. We chatted for hours, drank coffee, had hot chicken sandwiches and cakes oh and Linda and I smoked throughout it all. But blink and they had to leave. I’m crying now just typing about them leaving. I tried to hold myself together for them but final hugs given I watch them drive away, unable to hold back the tears. I hope they didn’t see. It meant so much to see them, the people I saw everyday, laughed with, talked to, had fun with and just shared life with and not being with them just breaks my heart (still crying now and I can’t stop). Alison had brought me a wooden penis (featured in the photo) as a gift, she thought it may come in handy, really? LOL. I also had wine, coffee and beer, all this and I said just bring yourselves, bless them.

Left to right: Me, Emma, Linda and Alison (Mary Poppins)
Left to right: Me, Emma, Linda and Alison (Mary Poppins)

Other wonderful news is that my mom’s friends, Elsie, Mel, Pat, Les and Tom have been to my mom’s house and done her garden for her. The call from Elsie has really touched my mom. She doesn’t do tears but I know my mom and I know how much she appreciated it. Thank you so much the Scilly Six from buffer face Island as your kindness and thought for my mom is so touching.

I don’t like to end on a bad note but we all know that life isn’t fair so as Mr Grey and I often say “it is what it is.” This morning I found out via Facebook that Uncle Pete, Rebecca and Richards’ uncle has been in intensive care and is still in hospital. He had brain surgery a few weeks ago. Pete I hope one day you read this post and know that we send you all our love. Due to the time difference in Australia it’s hard to get updates. Much love to you from your family here in England.

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Married to Steve, I have two children - Rebecca and Richard. Steve has two children, Lauren and Chris. Rebecca lives with us (nurse Rebecca) and my mom Judy also has become nurse and housekeeper but lives in the West Midlands. My son is in the Army and comes home when he can. I am 47, born in 1967 and I was told I had bowel cancer on 22nd Feb 2015 and this blog is my journey through it. I hope it helps you as you were the reason I started it.

4 thoughts on “Referred, Rejoice and Reunions”

  1. Another of your amazing blogs read & digested ๐Ÿ™‚ x
    Richard so looks like you me little cupcake , wow does he ever!!! A handsome young man if ever I saw one .
    Rebecca as pretty as a picture and I can see you in her but not as strongly, sorry Richard had to go back so soon, but hurray that you did get him home to spend time explaining what’s happening in his mums world xxx
    So you did set me a wee challenge did’nt you lol
    I will give you my childhood abbreviation of the saying
    “For the Love of Lamb”

    Jesus is the Lamb of God
    The words read ; ” Behold The Lamb of God ”
    You often see Jesus holding Lambs in old bible pictures
    Being that you should’nt take the Lords Name in Vein
    Instead of saying “For the sweet Love of Jesus”
    You’d say For the Love of a Lamb!!!!!!!!!!
    So there you have it ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx you must ask your lovely new friend what her meaning for it is, I’m curious now lol x
    Don’t keep me waiting too long ๐Ÿ™‚
    My other sayin is
    Sweet Mother of God, the sweet baby Jesus and their wee donkey !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Try sayin that with a wee drink or two in ya lol
    Keep these blogs coming my sweet, I so look forward to them.
    Inspirational, brave & educational. I save everyone xxx
    Big loves & hugs xxxx

    1. I will tell her when I see her, thanks for the explanation, my your a good wee Catholic girlie ๐Ÿ™‚ Lots of love xx

  2. So lovely to see you, Steve and your mum today and yes your right although we often chat or text there’s nothing like a hug.
    It’s always hard when it’s time to leave you and we had a quiet thoughtful journey home the three of us processing our visit in our own way.
    We did stop to put air in my tyres as Steve scared the shit out of me with his explanation of my warning light coming on! This did involve team work and yes you would have laughed at us, but as normal we got the job done.
    Thank you for lunch the chicken was mmmmm, even though you tried to throw mine on the floor!
    Enjoy your wine and think of me when your opening your beers with my penis!

    1. I will love the beers and laugh when i use the penis, glad car okay and see you soon I hope for more hugs xx

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