#Double Trouble

I’d been really good all day, just resting in my chemo gazebo, using the new pain relief every 3 hours plus the gel and it seemed to be going well. Oh plus the hot water bottles that my lovely Linda brought me back in February to ease the pain of what we thought was wind.

By about 7 pm the real deep aching pain of cancer kicked in and wasn’t going away. Pain comes in many forms and my pain isn’t sharp acute pain, it doesn’t come and go it’s a constant ache, a deep ache inside the body as the tumours press on nerves I would imagine. I struggle on trying to cope, mind over matter and all that. At 9 pm Rebecca and I watch the X Factor, Steve and mom are not into this but I like to watch it with Rebecca. Still the pain continues. Nothing is taking the pain away.

X Factor over, I go back to join Steve in the kitchen and yet again we go round in circles on pain relief. Mom joins us, she knows we need professional help, where is the support network for cancer sufferers? What if I was I elderly or on my own with no internet for advice? I was given a prescription for oral morphine but no advice on how to take it or the side effects. Tramadol and Morphine make you constipated but I have drugs to take if that happens, they both can make you sick, again I have drugs to take if that happens. I get angry cos I don’t want to rely on drugs to make my body function like this. Steve keeps telling me that the tiredness of oral morphine will fade after two days once I’m used to it, I don’t want that either 2 days of hell so that my body gets used to a drug, no no no no! But the pain won’t ease up and I can’t get away from it, there must be another solution.

Steve suggests codeine which made me sick when I took it at A&E all those months ago so I have stayed away from it but it’s not as strong as Tramadol or oral morphine so I agree to take two. Within 20 minutes the pain eases and the sweet relief comes to the areas of my body that have raged for hours, excellent. Steve suggests that I try to sleep whilst I have these at maximum strength so at 11.30 I go to bed and awake at 4 am back in the same pain as I was in the night before. So the morning routine of one ibuprofen, 1/2 biscuit, coffee and a fag and now plus Linda’s hot water bottle, oh and I use the gel on my back and I finally feel the pain easing again. So that’s what I’m going to try today as pain relief, fingers crossed hey!

Why double trouble as the title of this post? Well the first trouble we have is to do with my quest to get screening for younger people and my Mr Wonderful has done some research for me whilst I watched X Factor.

In England we screen for bowel cancer from the age of 60. In Scotland they screen for this from the age of 50, why is they a 10 year difference? So if you live in Scotland you not only get free university education you also stand a better chance of surviving bowel cancer!!! 90% of new cases come from the age bracket of 50 + hence the screening and the 10% of us who get it below that age are not worth the public spending of money on to prevent/catch or cure bowel cancer. To these statistics I say to Steve “tell that to Steve’s family who died at 33 or Andrew’s family who died at 31” but those are the facts. There was a case of a young girl aged between 5-9 who had it and 4 kids between the ages of 9-14 too, so sad. In my age bracket last year of 45 -49 there were 518 men and 462 women diagnosed with bowel cancer, screening from 50 would not have saved me or Karen or many others as the cost outlay doesn’t balance with the potential lives saved. Our lives are not worth the cost!

So what about taking control yourself and sending a sample away? Well you can do this but it costs £39 and a private company will test your poo for you. Now they must be making a profit and I have no idea of the true actual cost of the test. This I know will never work. The general public will not spend £39 and send their poo off to be checked and the government will not bring the screening age down to 40. So where does that leave us? At the very least we should be at the same screening age as Scotland and it’s a starting place, equal screening. It must be an awful job to look at the statistics and say no it’s not worth funding that and then read of families distraught with grief because they aren’t screened. I pity these people in the NHS as they can only do so much, they only have so much public money to spend.

BFF & BFF's Mom :-)
BFF & BFF’s Mom 🙂

The second part of my double trouble is Leanne AKA – BFF is coming for a long overdue promise of a Sunday lunch, her favourite is lamb. This was planned for next weekend as we had hoped that the chemo was working and I would still be on the chemo cycles but no, as normal we are not used to good medical news in this house so it had to be changed as next weekend I’m going to the Midlands on 5th to see old friends and family and then it’s Sophie’s birthday party on 6th. I just hope that I can get the pain under control by then. Anyway so the ‘Full Monty’ Sunday lunch of roast lamb with all the trimmings is planned, followed by blackberry and apple crumble (blackberries from my garden) so why would this be trouble you ask me? Well I’ve been slightly naughty and invited Leanne’s mom too LOL So this will be fun and I’m looking forward to having them both in our home. Janice, Leanne’s mom is excited as she will get her photo in the famous chemo gazebo and loves blackberry and apple crumble so it’s all good and completes my double trouble title.

IMG_4309Now today’s post should change to triple trouble, well not really as I had a visit this morning from Jane who used to do my hair for years, not only mine but the whole families but she moved to the Isle of Wight 14 months ago. I am so glad that she and Perry are happy over there in their new life.  Here she is enjoying breakfast with Molly. Almost in the chemo gazebo. Jane is my partner in crime as I was so overwhelmed by the generous donations from the BHS store there that I asked Jane to take them a thank you card and a box of biscuits in for me, it was the least I could do for them. Almost everyday they send me a donation to which I am very grateful for, as I am with all donations no matter how small or large they are. They go to a great charity. Now talking of charity, Steve wants to do a naked bum calendar for 2016, tastefully done of course and Jane has offered to be March. If there is anyone else who would dare to bare their bum, male and female please let us know. Bet you are all saying ‘oh no I can’t do that’ well I don’t blame you as I’m not loving the idea but we want to raise awareness and Steve’s idea is to put an educational message on each month.

#Squirrelgate update! I was just editing today’s post with Steve when we heard Molly bark and she never barks, looking up we saw a squirrel on the fence with one of Molly’s balls which it quickly dropped. That’s one less ball for their ball pit or game of tennis later! Cheeky little things!

A quick update on my Twitter antics are that I have tweeted many celebrities but apart from Charlie Boorman and Peter Andre, my early successes no one else from the world of fame seemed bothered or they just think I’m mad. When Peter Andre starts ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ next week not only will I watch it but I’ll be voting for him too. Steve had a brainwave of searching for Patrons of bowel cancer as all charities have famous people supporting them so looking into this I have discovered that Freya North (Author), Kevin Sheedy (Football Player) Matt Dawson ( Rugby Player) and the lovely Floella Benjamin are some of the charities patrons with Twitter accounts so I’ve tweeted them. Lets see if at least they can support us. Floella was my favourite presenter on Play School (kids TV programme from the 70’s) and I was star stuck when I saw her at a Lib Dem conference having coffee in a local coffee bar. I was going to go and say hello but I thought it rude to interrupt her coffee break.

The blog as a book ‘Daisies and Dolphins’ is now available to download. Please leave a review and a star rating for me as others will only read it if they know others have recommended it, thank you. remember the book is free as this was never about making money it was only about educating others, sharing the journey and leaving a daily trail of love.

It’s 5.45 am and the morning light is just breaking through and today’s post is written 🙂 that leaves me free to get some project work done or work and then enjoy my Sunday with friends and family 🙂

Thanks to Rita for her prayers and candles today as she will be burning those candles for us all. And a final good luck & thinking of you message to Guy and his family for tomorrow.

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Married to Steve, I have two children - Rebecca and Richard. Steve has two children, Lauren and Chris. Rebecca lives with us (nurse Rebecca) and my mom Judy also has become nurse and housekeeper but lives in the West Midlands. My son is in the Army and comes home when he can. I am 47, born in 1967 and I was told I had bowel cancer on 22nd Feb 2015 and this blog is my journey through it. I hope it helps you as you were the reason I started it.

17 thoughts on “#Double Trouble”

  1. I think your right Wendy you definately need professional help with the pain. I can’t believe McMillan have been of no use. They are a well funded charity that maybe have got too big. Hope you can get the pain sorted soon. Feeling for you matey. Xxxx

    1. Thanks Karen, pain has been better today and shocking that I have been referred 3 times now and no contact but I have a wonderful hubby and he is helping me get things under control xx

  2. It’s a sad affair that today such a large funded charity like Macmillan can’t help you Wendy !! But it’s not uncommon we had the same problem when my dad was poorly ! Please get in touch with your GP you don’t have to be in pain the amount of drugs available today is vast please don’t struggle with pain get help xxx I’m sending you a massive hug take care

    1. Thanks Gayle, I know it’s shocking that no one has been in touch. I’m going back to the GP’s on Tuesday for more pain killers and maybe soon the McMillan will be in touch, There are loads of drugs and I have most of them but I don’t want to be a zombie through this xx

  3. Have you though about changing the wording of your request for a retweet? They may not have time to watch the video and would worry about the ‘bare bum’ content if they have young followers. They have to be so careful. Go more along the lines you used with Peter and Charlie maybe?
    Just a thought.

    1. Good idea, I may try it, just a little disappointed that I’ve had no response from the many celebrities I have contacted 🙁 worth another shot maybe with different wording or maybe twitter is just not going to work for me xx

  4. Happy Sunday Wendy, hopenyoubhave had a lovely day with Double Trouble and the pain has not been too much for you today. Love Bx

    1. Hi Brenda, yes it’s been better and although I’m still in pain I’m not a zombie spaced out on drugs so I need advice from the professionals, going back to my Doctors on Tuesday again xx

  5. Wendy,thank you for mentioning us in your blog
    My store have taken you in their hearts and we talk about you every day (good things,honestly!) I’m very lucky to have a fantastic team…maybe the IOW store should be twinned with yours? We both seem to be lucky with our store families
    It was a shame I was off when Jane bought the biscuits in for us..would have been nice to meet her….there’s only a couple left now by the way (and I made sure Fran had some).
    Thinking of you always ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. I know I saw Frans donation bless her and maybe we should partner up as I also have a fantastic team. So impressed with your sense of family and caring as a store and that you supported me without knowing me. The BHS family is a pleasure to be part of :-)xx

  6. Wendy so sorry to hear your struggle with pain. It is so shameful that there is no support for you. I had the pleasure of meeting Jane in the I.O.W store as she delivered the biscuits and card. I am sure she passed on our thanks but also that we were taken away with your kindness in thinking of us.

    1. It was my pleasure after all the support from you all over there. Jane enjoyed doing it for me too bless her. You lot are just lovely and thank you for your support xx

  7. Delighted to be the IOW biscuit secret agent. And Wend I have recruited a male bum for April (he’s over 60 but as bowel cancer in not fussy neither are we). I’m happy to pop back into Bhs to see Sue soon x
    Great to see you today Wend, Steve, Rebecca and mum. Oh and Perry says you can have his bum for January sithats quarter of the calender…so let’s have the shoot on a boat in the solent! (Only if its hot n sunny) xxxx

    1. great to see you too and at this rate we will have to have multiply bums for each month as loads of offers are coming through 🙂 I think Sue would like that too xx

  8. Well will you look at the bloody time!!!!! It’s gone 11pm and I’ve only just read today’s journey!!!!!!!!!
    All our readers that I share with will be wondering what’s up .
    I have to blame my Son Brett, Olga my daughter n law & Rory my adorable Grandson 🙂 on Face time for nearly 2 hours from Montreal 🙂
    It’s just gotta be done, we whatsapp everyday and face time every Sunday you’d wonder what we’d find to talk about lol.

    Well my little Wendywoo what a lot of shenanigans you’ve been up to in the last 24 hrs:-) so very pleased you had double trouble visiting lol I hope your BFF behaved herself ……..
    However the double trouble starts when BFF & you get together so oh my!!!! It must of been nuts with all 3 of you there lol x

    How’s today been then has the pain eased and your medication combo working????
    I swear to God and all that’s Holy it’s an absolute disgrace that your poor Steve is in Doctor training trying to find solutions for your agony your in on the Internet …
    It seriously beggars belief, write to your local MP. See if that helps!!!
    In this day & age, this should not be happening!!!!!!!

    My daughter Shauneen came to mass with me this evening & lit some candles for you xxx
    she couldn’t believe how many I lit lol
    there was a lovely glow from the side of the alter for the duration of the Mass lol xxx

    Only 2 more working days and I’ll be with you, I am so looking forward to seeing you and we can talk loads of shite together xxxx

    For now I best get my sweet ass upstairs to bed
    As always, praying for pain relief for you my lovely xxx
    Love & Hugs winging its way to you xxxxx

  9. Hello you glad you have had a little relief from the pain and enjoying some precious moments, I have claim to fame with Matt Dawson kids had picky with him I share it on Twitter with you xx and if you are in need of bums for your calendar then I have a soon to be married hunky fireman nephew, and Juddy would do anything for you then there’s the girls at work I’m sure they wouldn’t need much convincing let me know if you need any more bum offers lol but I’m sure you will end up with more than a dozen lol and if twitters not working for you contact their agents details are usually on their Twitter or fab accounts or websites even you should bare your bum surrounded by Daisy’s cos you are that awesome lots of love and juddy hugs xxxx

  10. My 7 month old Granddaughter Quinn has offered up her cute little bottom up for one of you calendar months 🙂 Xxx

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